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Posted by Service_Champion (Service_Champion), 2 October 2003
Hi everyone what size ladders do you recommend. I am just starting up and want to reach the first floor of houses (including fascias and guttering) and also clean shop windows. Is it worth getting an 'A' frame?


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Posted by shinnyshinner (shinnyshinner), 2 October 2003
Hi mate
I have just up graded all my ladders to A-Frame and best money I have spent so much safer no reaching  the rubber stop at the point enables you to rest on plastic with out marking I got mine from Lansford
look for the heavy duty alloy, double 21ft and have no probs at all
Posted by shinnyshinner (shinnyshinner), 2 October 2003
Here is the exact link

look for code number:
RWC235 3.55m / 11' 8" 6.58m / 21' 7" 14+13 17.5kg  279.65
Posted by James (Stooby), 2 October 2003
"A" frame ladders every time for window cleaners. Wooden for my preferance, being heavier they move less if you are hit by a gust of wind. Also if you have to rest the frame against a window ledge or guttering, aluminium frames provide less friction and so slide easier. Finally in the winter, my wet hands have frozen to an aluminium ladder as soon as I touched it.
Yes, wooden ladders every time for me. Wink

Regards Stooby
Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 2 October 2003
I am with Stooby on this. I find wooden a frame ladders make me feel a bit safer and they are warmer in the winter. Grin

Steve Lowe
Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 2 October 2003
Sorry forgot to say for average houses a double 12ft or equivalent will do most domestic jobs fine.

Steve Lowe
Posted by shinnyshinner (shinnyshinner), 2 October 2003
When I brought mine I went for the heavy duty alloy for the extra weight but with the frost coming I have ordered my unger gloves 1st time ever to wear gloves must be getting old like you lot lads. hahaha. Sorry
The only thing to worry me is with my last ladders they had no rudder feet so managed to dig into the ground never went any were on dirt, concrete, tarmac I am concerned about when it gets frosty and the ice with rubber feet. There was a post quite a while ago and my dad mentioned it to, using a sand bag got to get prepaired not long to this sort of weather
Posted by Rob_B (Rob_B), 3 October 2003
I wouldn't facy carrying a sandbag around with me when I've already got a ladder on my shoulder and a bucket and step in my hand.

However, I have been looking at something called The Stopper (link below) has anyone got one or experience of one?
Posted by matt (matt), 3 October 2003
get a bag of sand, put it in a old army rucksack, slig that on your back, still got your hands free  Grin
Posted by shinnyshinner (shinnyshinner), 3 October 2003
Hi rob
I was looking at the stopper a while ago, and was told they are not really long enough for A-frames because A-Frames spray out at the bottom making the stopper not long enough, also I dont think I would trust the stopper in icey weather, would'nt it sit on top of the ice and not grip?
I agree you cant carry a sand bag around with you if you are always on foot but was refering from an old post and a few people have used this idea.
Winter is the time off the year where you have to look into different types of saftey while using ladders.
See what we come up with
Cheers Alan

Posted by DR_WYNDAZ (DR_WYNDAZ), 10 October 2003
Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 10 October 2003
  If you get the chance try an a frame extension ladder and i would bet that you would feel a whole lot safer. Cool

Steve Lowe
Posted by Squeaky_Clean (Squeaky_Clean), 10 October 2003
I use 2.5m 3 section, I take the top section off and just use 2 sections on big new estates, easier  & lighter to carry, but also got the extra height if needed, also having just 2.5m you can use them on those downstairs windows that are just out of reach with out going back to the van for the pointer. Just got a new pair cost 110 inc vat.
Hope thats some help.
Posted by DR_WYNDAZ (DR_WYNDAZ), 11 October 2003
cheers guys. i'm hopin to earn enough to get a reach and wash system as theres loads of commercial work going in leeds and i just cant reach it with ladders. until then i dont fancy pinchin the cloth Lips Sealed everytime i go up me ladders. think i'll give the a frames a go. heights not the problem. its stability i want.
Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 11 October 2003
I think you will feel much safer on an A frame because they dont slide around at the top on pvc frames. Shocked

Steve Lowe
Posted by The_Fed_Man (The_Fed_Man), 11 October 2003
Dr Wyndaz,

I would add try an 8 foot single pointer (around 100)first to get used to the A ladders, before you go higher.  I know some very good window cleaners who don't like extension A ladders but prefer normal extension ladders.
Get Class 2 Trade aluminium, they are worth the little bit extra and will last a lot longer than domestic ones, which are not legal for putting employees on anyway.

A good setup is: 8 foot pointer, double 3.5m Lyte ladder for residential, ladder regs now say best practice is no higher than 9 meters, which rules out 3rd floor, so if you want to undertake 2nd floor work use a stabiliser to be within Health & Safety regs, along with a double 4.25m entension, or triple 3.5m

A good accessory for your main ladder is a set of leg levellers.

Be safe! Cool
Posted by DR_WYNDAZ (DR_WYNDAZ), 11 October 2003
Thanks for the advice guys. really appreciated.

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