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am i doin it right/waterfed poles
Posted by brownie (brownie), 6 January 2004
took my new system out this week for the first time.residential only,i warned my customers that the first clean might not be whats expected.
water count 000 but didnt expect windows to be so spotty after i cleaned them.
i cleaned the frames and windows then rinsed them off from the top downwards.i went back after they had dried and was gutted to see results.
is there a technique?
is this the norm for first clean?
is my jet to powerful?
do i do them all twice?(not)
Posted by poleman (poleman), 6 January 2004

your technique sounds ok but it sometimes take two or three cleans to get a good job.

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Posted by brownie (brownie), 6 January 2004
what do you suggest then,that i charge them less or half price.
also found out that on wooden frames,they were the worse.
i dont want to charge them less but i feel so guilty about doin a bad job with my new system when my squeegy got perfect results.
i think people dont like change and hope that after 2 or 3 cleanes that they dont want the old method back.
hav been doin this round for 8 years and know my custormers well,  but still feel guilty about not doin job properly ,but hope they bear wiyh me.
Posted by poleman (poleman), 6 January 2004
from the start i told my customers that it will take two or three cleans but some windows it wont work,  flakey paint work, i have lost one or two some dont like change but you have done the right thing (heath and safety)  tell them that they are now getting the frames done for free, you will meet resistance but keep faith and prosper.

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Posted by Polepro (Polepro), 7 January 2004
Did the supplier not provide training when you collected your system? Sounds like you have a steep learning curve ahead.

Posted by brownie (brownie), 7 January 2004
no i didnt tom,got the system delivered off me mate.didnt go to training,is there a special technique or wat.?
went out today again and the results were awful.didnt think my customers were impressed,even though i hav told them it will take time.
Posted by Ken (Ken), 7 January 2004
Is your meter reading correctly? I built my own system up, tds of 000 and have had excellent results. Customers are really happy. Are you catching those little vents that you get over windows and washing muck out of them?
Posted by brownie (brownie), 7 January 2004
it could be lookin like it might be me meter,but its only 6 week old.
filled a cartridge up full of resin 6 weeks ago and have put approx 4,000 ltrs through it and got readings of 000.
then started to get readings of 006 so emptied it and refilled and put further 2,000 ltrs through and same again 000 but today put 450 ltrs through from same source and got reading of 006,SURELY IT DOESNT LAST THAT LONG.
might look at me meter then. cheers ken
Posted by APS_PureWash_Sys (APS_PureWash_Sys), 7 January 2004
           What part of the UK are you in?
            What sort of setup have you got?

by the sound of it you are just going through a mixed bed resin vessel
can you tell me more so i can help you

Posted by karlosdaze (karlosdaze), 8 January 2004
Are you pulling the head away and rinsing down properly afterwards? I always go over twice on a new wfp clean. I think Peter told me the water should be alright to use even up to 010, correct me if I'm wrong! So if your rinsing properly, & your metres working correctly, you could be catching dirt pockets in the side of the frame which Ken mentioned. Failing that, open up your pan sprays a little with a touch more pressure & longer rinse.
Consider biting the bullet, going back to the guy that sold you the system & show him the results you are getting. I'm sure he'd oblige.
Hope this helps.

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