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Van insurance (NCCA/PROCLEAN)
Posted by MICHAEL_GAYTON (MICHAEL_GAYTON), 14 February 2004
i was thinking to day!! its nice we get a discount on insurance for  Public/products liability with the NCCA or Proclean etc, BuT what about Van Insurance with the amount of members in NCCA, do we not have the power to pull strings!
mick  steam geine Undecided
Posted by strakercleaning (strakercleaning), 14 February 2004
Lateral thinking...........well done that man Grin
On course Friday and looking into joining Proclean. Will be interesting to see if there will be more benefits to the move.
Posted by MICHAEL_GAYTON (MICHAEL_GAYTON), 14 February 2004
I think i pay over the 450 mark at the moment with AXA
NEVER had a accident,we need to sort this one out!

ps GREAT discount on liability insur

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