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How about a little background on ourselves?
Posted by Bones (Bones), 17 September 2003
Hi again "fellow" window cleaners, large or small  Grin

I have looked at lot's of the topics, posts and replies on this board and I think (and I hope you do also?), It would be a good idea if we all posted a little background on ourselves. Just so we know who comes from, who does what and for how long?

I'll start the ball rolling should I,...... Undecided

One day I decided to leave the most comfortable place on earth,.... then i started to cry and s**t my nappy alot!. 34 years on nothing much has changed (well, at present David Blaine thinkls it's the in thing to do!).

Actually,... has anyone thought of being lowered from a helicopter and cleaning David Blaines box as a publicity stunt?? get you noticed won't it! let me in if you decide to!

Sorry, where was I? oh yes, meHuh  Well, my working life started on YTS and got used for two years! since then I have been working in factories, and now have decided I'm fed up of 12 hr shifts (especially 12hr weekend night shifts), and with the help and a push from a friend (and you guy's!), decided I'm going to go out and graft and earn my own living! because at present i'm on a salary so i can work as hard as the company would like me to, but not get anything extra at the end of the month!
My wife is gorgeous and my two biggest assets in the world are my nut's, Ooops! i mean my children.
I would have loved to be able to tell you all how long I have been cleaning but I'm only just starting! Grin and look up to you guy's for inspiration!

This might be a crap topic, Undecided i don't know? Undecided but then you might think i'm a nosey bugger? Shocked

anyway, thanks for reading!  Grin
Posted by Majestic (Majestic), 17 September 2003
Great idea
I am in my 40s still use feet and inches .and  live in Fleetwood Lancashire(just outside Blackpool) I have had all kinds of jobs from at 15 I joined the navy
HMS Gangees shotley gate  did 9 months then came out  done every thing from a tram conductor,postman, worked in a factory , bingo caller the list goes on .
Have 2 great kids boy 11 girl 16
oh yes a wife as well.
Well I started as a window cleaner about 6 years ago we had a window cleaner who used to come whatever the weather(not impressed, I dont work in the rain )anyway we sacked him so I could not get another.I started to clean my own ,next door asked me to clean theirs as well, then across the road,then people asked me in the street , not long after I was laid off from a building firm so I decided to make window cleaning a full time job, joined the Fed(great move) got a water fed pole , made my own
and not looked back since.  
ok next
Posted by Terry_Burrows (Terry_Burrows), 18 September 2003
Wink well I started window cleaning when I was around say Huh20years old started out with my uncle,who I beleave gave me the good road to window cleaning,like
be nice to people,how to deal with a bad one!with all been there!I played in bands and sung played guitar,for me thats the way I wanted to go but alass,that was not meant to be,this is the way for me,

in 1993 on a program called YOU BET! with Mathew kelly,
my friend and me went on the show,to clean a street made up of windows,there it was to turn into something,with more of an eye turner!in 1995 I was to go on a program called BBC record Breakers Cheesy and go no to take my very first world record!

it was then I only got to know about nat fed!so I joined
I went on to window clean for england in America and france,things were changing media getting to know me,from then on I went on loads of other TV shows,

coming up next week! Grin is the biggest pr in front of me,this concerns each an every one of you window cleaners! its strange Huh I even was filmed in april this year by the BBC that comes on TV oct 9th on the childrens program,I have really enjoyed myself doing what I do I have lots in front of me,I like to feel I have put the great British window cleaners! Cheesy on the map

rightly so  were they  belong! Cool

from the linford christie of window cleaners Grin

and the fastest with a 12 inch rubber! Shocked
Posted by wazzastud (wazzastud), 19 September 2003
Me, I am 34, I got kicked out of school for being disruptive at 13, was told i was a waster and all that nice stuff a kid needs to know at that age, have since found out this is due to ADHD, whent to work in factories at 14 Unofficially, worked on the fair ground, worked on doors in night clubs then whent into building and trained as a carpenter/joiner done that for some years mainly shopfitting, got bored with that so left and become a salesman first selling time share (Claim to fame, Worked alongside Johnny Briggs for a week (MIKE BALDWIN FROM CORRANATION STREET) promoting a time share complex in spain and then whent on to sell 1250 american  Vacuum cleaners door to door for 8 years (For which i believe i still hold the European Record of 4 sales in a single day) fancied a change so bacome a Microsft systems administrator after completeing my MCSE in london, that industry is full of educated idiots who think they are a supperior species because they attended university etc, NOT FOR ME, left and decided to start a publishing company, which i started from scratch, have been doing that for the last 3 years along with window cleaning, best job so far, i love writing as you may have noticed Grin I admire people like richard branson and warren buffet ( second richest bloke in the states) Think bill gates is a slimeball, allthough i do admire his achievments, I Have a long suffering beautifull wife of 14 years Lips Sealed she is a diamond and four brilliant children, I am the luckiest and happiest man alive.

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