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Rain - How do you......
Posted by anderclean (anderclean), 24 December 2003
now I know a lot of you guys don't work in the rain and I know you pole guys aren't really affected.

So this is for us guys on ladders and hand tools etc.. that work in the rain ........

How do you clean Leaded and Georgians ?

Thanks in advance
Posted by peterf (peterf), 24 December 2003
I would squeegee the Georgian windows in the rain, and I would avoid the leaded.


Posted by anderclean (anderclean), 24 December 2003
thanks for your respose Peter

as you sell Poles etc. are you talking from 'past' experience ?.......
Posted by peterf (peterf), 24 December 2003
on 12/24/03 at 12:59:06, anderclean wrote:
thanks for your respose Peter

as you sell Poles etc. are you talking from 'past' experience ?.......

Yes before poles, I used to squeegee all Georgian windows, usually with an 8" squeegee. If you don't have one cut down one of your old ones.  If you don't have a small applicator just take the sleeve off the one you have and use that.

If it was dry weather which it usually was because I did not work much in the rain, then If the windows were only slightly dirty I would just scrim them.

Leaded windows as well if they were really dirty I would use the applicator rung out as much water as I could then pulled the squeegee down them and touched up with the scrim.  This way the applicator is taking away most of the dirt the squeegee is taking the rest of the dirt to the bottom of the window, and the scrim just touches up what is left behind.  I found this the best way.


Posted by Majestic (Majestic), 24 December 2003
Peter f
I thought it was allways raining in Scotland Cool
Posted by peterf (peterf), 24 December 2003
We have a few hours a week where it dosnt rain.  

Maybe that is why I was always looking for the quickest way to clean windows.


Posted by anderclean (anderclean), 2 January 2004
still kind off curious .......

for those that claim to work in the rain ........professionally !

How do you clean -  Leaded / Georgians,.........or has Peter said it all !........

Posted by jonesy5 (jonesy5), 2 January 2004
we just rub the windows as normal with a dampish scrim and try to dry off with dryer scrim, if you set your standards when you start window cleaning from low to average customers come to expect the mark left.  its all about training your customers up,  they need us not the other way round. : Grin
Posted by Majestic (Majestic), 2 January 2004
Jonesy 5
You hit the nail bang on the head , any new window cleaners should remember that  the customer needs you more than you need them . I have ben turning work down in the past but now tell all new customers that I can clean your windows but ,
1, I have to be paid when I have finished .
2, If  they cant manage that they should look for another window cleaner.
3, If I have started to clean there windows and it starts to rain I will finish cleaning  them.
So now when I get a new customer I retire a old call back on friday to be paid one Cool
Posted by The_Fed_Man (The_Fed_Man), 3 January 2004

The best way to look at it is if you can't finish them to the required standard you are better off letting the rain pass until you can.  It will take you longer. Quite often if the job is biggish you can work somewhere else and come back to it.
Cloth work I would avoid in rain. Squeegee work that requires detailing can be done by wiping the edges to remove the water first to avoid detailing.

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