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Derek Bolton
Posted by catrodney (catrodney), 16 September 2003
Nice to see Derek Bolton get a mention in this months C&M publication,the forum can now pride its self of two well known figures in the cleaning industry(Terry Burrows) as members.
Thanks Derek for the advice much appreciated,
Posted by Derek (Derek), 16 September 2003
Hi Tim

My face has turned very red  Embarassed at your comments... thanks

Posted by Lionel (Lionel), 17 September 2003
Which stand will you be on at the NCCA Derek?
Posted by Derek (Derek), 17 September 2003
Hi Lionel

I am to have my own little table stand... I told you I talked them into it.
It is not advertised as I only got the OK last week. I think it is on the left just before you go into the main exhibition area   ..
I will be going to the NCCA AGM on Friday at 3.0pm but look forward to meeting up with some of you either before 3.0pm between the show opening at 1.0pm or anytime on Saturday.

The NCCA will have their usual meet and greet stand so I asked if we could have a technical table somewhere within the exhibition and Hey Presto... you have heard of the old soldiers motto 'never volunteer' well, I never was a soldier.


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