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People pay for YOU!
Posted by Silly_Philly (Silly Philly), 12 February 2004
You may wonder why, even if you quote a cheaper price than someone is already paying, they don't switch.

The answer is this:

People don't pay for a service, they pay for the person.

A few years ago I collected a house, but the next day realised I had made a mistake and I hadn't actually cleaned the windows.  I went back to apologise and give the lady her money back and her reaction was:

"Oh, its ok.  I knew you'd made a mistake but I didnt want to make a fuss and we like you so didnt want to risk you not coming back.  I know you'd never deliberately rip anyone off, so I honestly didnt mind"

She then not only insisted I keep the money, but also said it was too cheap and put the price up £1 for my honesty.

This is a typical reaction, the work itself isnt that important, its what kind of a person you come across as.  Nice, friendly, genuine.  Or just there to do a job with no chatting or niceties.  Be nice, and your customers will not only be loyal, but will boast about you to their friends.

We sent questionaires to some of our customers a few months back, and one of the questions was "What made you say 'yes' when we asked you?"

Nobody answered "because we needed a window cleaner"  they answered "because you were friendly"

So here's my advice to you:  

First impressions are everything.  Be friendly and respectful, dont be cheeky, and dress so that you look approachable.  Its YOU they will pay for, not the service.

Posted by denzle (Denzle), 12 February 2004
Well said that man.... Image is everything, If you dress like a burglar, come over as a cheeky geezer, only in it to make as much money as possible you are onto a looser.
Be Pro in everything you do and people will gladly pay for your service.
Posted by Old_Master (Old_Master), 12 February 2004
I got a shock in the change in customer relationships  when my window cleaning business expanded to the point that I had six full time window cleaning staff back in the early ninties. I asked the guys one christmas how much tips they had made - none was the answer!
I realy couldnt belive what they had told me. In the mid 80s - my son was born  at that time I  worked mostly on my own  I had arrived home with three months money"for the baby" for one months work and a stack of knitted jumpers,teddy bears, bootys etc.
At Christmas everybody gave me a tip - One customer gave me a £15.00 Christmas box for a £3.00 window cleaning job.
This bares out you observation people buy people.
Posted by geoffreyspecht (geoffreyspecht), 12 February 2004
your right it pays to be nice to customers after all they are paying wages.
even trained them to make me a cup of tea when i clean
their windows
wish i could train them to clean the windows for me and just send me the money it would be a lot easier for me.
Posted by Silly_Philly (Silly Philly), 12 February 2004
even trained them to make me a cup of tea when i clean
their windows

We always accept the offer of a drink if we possibly can.  

Otherwise, they can sometimes feel just a little bit put out that what they think is a kind offer has been thrown back in their face.  Even though to you its just that you don't have time.

If I am in a major rush, I usually just ask for a glass of water- that's quick to drink and you have accepted their kindness.  You can always chuck it on the plants if you dont want it.  

You can use the extra few minutes to chat to them, I usually have a few topics in mind as they often aren't really sure what to say to you and are glad if you keep the conversation moving along.  Finish up quick, thank em and get going, dont stay so long you're a pain.

This does wonders for customer relationships, and of course its nice to chat to people (people don't talk to each other enough these days).  Share some good news with them, tell them something nice about your family.   The more they know about you personally, the more likely they will stick with you through thick and thin.

Posted by geoffreyspecht (geoffreyspecht), 12 February 2004
your right there silly.if you look after your customers they will look arfter you
Posted by Bones (Mikey aka Bones), 16 February 2004
on 02/12/04 at 23:52:56, geoffreyspecht wrote:
your right there silly.if you look after your customers they will look arfter you

And they will also recommend you  Grin


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