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Treatment risk
Posted by Drytech (Steve_B), 7 February 2004
Can anyone recomend an insurance company for a treament risk policy for someone just starting up. Been quoted 367.50 from Ainley's in Huddersfield as Recomened by Ashby's( is that a good quote?) Also tried NFU but was declined because i don't have at least Three years experience. Is this the only type of insurance needed ?



P.S Any other advise is also welcome

P.P.S  Great forum, by the way Smiley
Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 7 February 2004
Hi Steve

As we are in a pretty high risk business the Insurance Companies are getting a bit jittery.

Some are refusing carpet cleaners others are not accepting any new business...those that are left are imposing restrictions...
ie.. you must have been on recognised training courses etc.
You must do pre-clean inspections and if there is a claim they will want copies of the inspection report, technical data sheets of chemicals used and so on.

Try McGregor Lloyd Ltd on Tel: 0121 7060616

Posted by Happyeater (Happyeater), 7 February 2004
I called McGregor Lloyd yesterday. Unfortunately you have to take a combined public liability as well as treatment risk. I was quoted for 1m public liability and 15k treatment risk, quoted 430.50. Seemed steep to me. I already have 5m public liability anyway so, I have asked my current insurer to get me a quote.  Smiley
Posted by Ian_G. (Ian_Gourlay), 7 February 2004
Steve that is worrying as I am with Ainsleys renewed late last year thought it was about 250, not sure as pay by direct debit and it just carried on,

Posted by Drytech (Steve_B), 8 February 2004
Thanks guys. suppose it would be more expensive in your first year  Cry

Posted by ALEXDH (ALEXDH), 8 February 2004
I dont think you have to have 15k cover it think you can start at 5k if budget is tight at mcgregor lloyd for about 270.

Best to give them a ring they were really helpfull to me and advise the courses they will accept.
Posted by pre-vac_Nick (pre-vac_Nick), 8 February 2004
Alex if you keep posting at the rate you are your gonna knock up 500 posts in no time!!

keep it up its nice to see some enthusiasm..........have i spelt that right Smiley Cheesy Cool Huh Embarassed
Posted by ALEXDH (ALEXDH), 8 February 2004
Hee Hee  GrinI think i will soon be the most inpet cleanitup god , the moderator had better drop my score otherwise people will falsely believe i know what i am talking about.

All the best

Posted by Happyeater (Happyeater), 9 February 2004
Just got treatment risk added to my current policy for 150 a year.

I still have to pay a 500 excess if there's a claim though.
Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 9 February 2004
Hi Happy

WOW... that is surprising!

My excess is 250.00... I reckon the insurance companies are going to bang up the premiums pretty high this year....again.

There are so few Insurance Companies providing the type of cover we need that they can almost charge what they like... the problem is that some cleaning companies will decide to go without

Posted by Happyeater (Happyeater), 9 February 2004
Very tempting to do just that, Derek. At 500 its a gamble on whether I can do that much damage to tiles. As we do totally commercial, I haven't come across a fully laid carpet in 6 years.  Smiley
Posted by Drytech (Steve_B), 10 February 2004
Sorted McGregor Lloyd, 1 million p/l cover with 5k treament risk 210.00. Can't complain with that.

cheers for the tip.

All I need now is me first customer  Smiley
Posted by ALEXDH (ALEXDH), 10 February 2004
Hi Steve

Are you offering low cost cleaning to your friends and family ,  Its a great way to get some experience and I find i cant resist burn testing every carpet I come into contact with , much to my missus distain when we out for a meal the other night. Roll Eyes

I have a pair of small nail clipper that are great for nicking a little tuft.

Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 10 February 2004
Hi Alex

If you REALLY want to upset the wife  Wink....when you are shopping and she wants to look at a wet rub test on the fabrics (Zip end only...honest) say, in a loud voice, that the colour is coming off.

Guarantee the little lady will disown you...immediately

Divorce... could be  as early as next week.

My little lady is made of the tough stuff and she's still around... still walks away in the shop though... but it guarantees a bit of peace and quiet for a few minutes Cheesy  Cheesy

Posted by Drytech (Steve_B), 10 February 2004
What ever trade you're in, friends and family always expect " mate's rates ". Trouble is that they're all to tight and expect it for nothing.
Got a nice pair of hedge trimmers to do my burn tests with!!!!
Posted by cleaner_carpets (cleaner_carpets), 31 March 2004
 i'm just starting a new carpet cleaning business and i have just been quoted 137.00 for 2million public liability and a treatment risk policy included it was from the hsbc bank.

hope this is of help

Posted by Dave_Lee (Dave_Lee), 31 March 2004
You didnt say whether youve also got public liability cover as this is absolutely essential. A claim against you for personal injury could cost you far more than any claim for property worked on. Of course its both that you need.

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