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PEST and SWOT Analysis
Posted by Helenb123 (Helenb123), 16 February 2004
Am having to write these for my quality system. Has anyone ever done one of these, and if so could you possibly help me along!


H x Grin
Posted by Les (Les), 16 February 2004
Haven't carried out a PEST survey so I wait to be enlightened on that one  Wink
I do know about SWOT though ....that's Special Weapons..... Oh No that's the other one! Grin
S = Strengths e.g. Well Established or Specialist Cleaning
W = Weaknesses e.g. Haven't got a Clue what I'm doing  Shocked
O = Opportunities e.g. Lot's of Houses, offices being built in your area, that sort of thing
T = Threats e.g. Too many other cleaning companies in area doing same thing, Heavy discounting or marketing by competitors etc.
Hope that's of help. If they're treated correctly they can be of good use and make you think about where you've been, where you are & more importantly where you're going. Roll Eyes
Les Wink

Posted by Fox (Fox), 16 February 2004

Not quite sure if this is what you are looking for, but if it is involving external influences it will be the following:

P - Politics - Will changes made by national or local governement affect the market?

E - Economics - Boom or recession?

S - Social - Changing patterns in the way people live affecting the way they spend their money

T - Technology - It has revolutionised some markets.  Has it had an effect on yours?

Like I said not sure if this is the PEST you are looking for but hope it helps.

Posted by Helenb123 (Helenb123), 17 February 2004
Fankooooo for the info. I used to do these things at uni, and never thought I would have to use them in real life!

Thanks for the help

H x

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