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Re: Pattern Parts or Original parts, whats the dif
Posted by pdhanson (Silly Philly), 30 December 2003
So, Dom, are you saying that we could buy say, a tank, pump, resin cartridges, blank poles from excel, pole fittings from whoever, an RO unit and put it together ourselves for less cost?

Thats great for those among us with an adventurous spirit,

Long live the home putter-togetherer-of-kit!
I'm a great advocate of it.

An advantage, is that you can build your own system to suit your exact requirement

Also, since you built it and know how it works, if something goes wrong, you'll have a good idea how to fix it.

A disadvantage - no crash testing

Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 30 December 2003
Hi Dom,
          How do pattern parts compare in the pure water industry because with cars i would always fit the genuine part because their normally is a difference in the quality of the component.

Posted by pdhanson (Silly Philly), 30 December 2003

must've got the wrong end of the proverbial stick!

Posted by sean_rimmer (Dom Matrix aka BRODEX), 30 December 2003
All Pole Users
I think Silly should be given honoury NFMWGC membership, untill such time his official membership is ratified by the controling trade association. All in agreement say aye..!

Posted by g_griffin (g_griffin), 30 December 2003

    I agree with everything Dom says.

     I think  Huh  Undecided   Grin

Posted by Reuben_Reynolds (Reuben_Reynolds), 31 December 2003

Its Ionic Systems not OTT.

In your rush to copy our Linear TM (trade marked) filters you neglected to do it properly. Our filter has features that escaped your great chemists mind. So when your pattern/copy filter was independently tested recently it was found that only 20% of the resin becomes saturated as opposed to 100% in the original Ionic Linear filter.

What this means is that the resin in your copied filter needs to be replaced five times more often. That means that it is twice as expensive and five times more harmful to the environment. From an operational perspective this means that windows are more likely to dry badly, because unlike our linear filter that is clear and has colour change resin inside, the resin cannot be viewed inside the brodex copy and regular pauses in the working day to check with a TDS meter will further reduce cleaning time. The testing clearly highlights the benefit of sacking with original parts, our findings will be published shortly

You'll be hearing more about your infringement of our trade marks and design copyrights from our attorney's in the new year. Your admissions on this forum help greatly in this respect.



Posted by sean_rimmer (Dom Matrix aka BRODEX), 31 December 2003
PoleproQuite the opposite. Our universal refillable 10, 20,30inch +  in line filters are unique in the marketplace and obviously have many uses. They can be used for  acid cleaning operations, carbon, sediment applications and of course soap dispensing. They also fit directly on to OTT machines, as would any 4inch pipe available. If users want to save a considerable amount of money and do their bit for the environment, the choice is theirs. They will find  BRODEX's advert in "Windowtalk", C&M etc. etc. Remember, the Ecofil Universal filter is available in various sizes up to 2 metres, for any application. It truely is a Technological breakthrough in low cost, multi use pre-treatment filtration and chemical dispensing; so thanks to Pure genius for giving me the opportunity to fully explain what the ECOFILL Universal Filter is, I would'nt normally blatantly describe the features and benefits of a BRODEX product, but he did ask.
OTT will copy this product, this year along with a host of other manufacturers, but remember where you can get the original and best..!
I personally think OTT "testing" of products should be judged at face value ie. they are not going to tell everyone BRODEX ECOFIL Universal is the next generation of 30-40inch filters, are they?Thats my job..! and to be frank, OTT advising BRODEX on water treatment matters would be a bit like Sir Lawrence Olivier seeking elocution lessons off Arthur Mullard...!
In our tests in lab conditions at our factory, ECOFILL Filters produce approximately 10% more de-min water than equivilant OTT colourchange filters, no problem(for 40inch + obviously significantly more)
From a technical point of view, BRODEX build water softeners that stand nearly 2metres high, and have fully automatic electronic controls-BRODEX produce the only stainless steel Industrial pure water window washing machine in the UK, so good, OCS have bought 4 in the last 3 months!
A  10-30-40+ inch inch plastic filter is a low tech item and the above ramblings do OTT no service. If they didnt work, we wouldnt be selling them.!
We are the industry experts, sorry if that upsets people!!
 So in a Harry Hill type voice "who you gonna believe eh?, who you gonna believe?"
Posted by Bones (Bones), 31 December 2003
on 12/30/03 at 18:52:09, g_griffin wrote:

    I agree with everything Dom says.

     I think  Huh  Undecided   Grin


HuhLost me again Huh



Posted by highwash (highwash), 31 December 2003
WOW!  all this arguing and handbags going on between the professional equipment manufacturers. As there could be attorney's (is that american for solicitor?) involved perhaps the topic should be called WATERGATE! Get Perry Mason in. Quite honestly though I would rather see more constructive issues posted than the mud slinging that's dominated the forum lately. Regards and best wishes for 2004 to everyone  

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