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Life Insurance - a warning
Posted by Londoner (Londoner), 6 December 2003
A lot of you guys are probably like me with a family to support and a life insurance policy to protect them if anything should happen to you.
Many of us probably took out the policy years ago. well think back. what occupation did you give when you took out the policy?

About sixteen years ago I used to work with a guy called John. This summer John's son fell off a ladder and died. He left a wife and two very young children.

His life insurance company is refusing to pay out because he had not notified them of his change of occupation to a high risk job. (And he was killed at work so that proves it was high risk.)

Check the details of your life insurance and tell them what your occupation is now if it has changed since you took it out.
Those B***ards are just looking for excuses not to pay out.

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