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Leather car seats what to charge?
Posted by MB (MB), 24 October 2003
I have been asked to clean  the leather seats in a car (rover).

Never done car interior before what should i charge?? Undecided

This is only the seats and not the rest of the interior.


Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 24 October 2003
Hi Mark

Are you sure its all leather?

Very often the vehicle manufacturers only put leather onto the seating areas the rest is coloured vinyl made to match.

Its a long time since I cleaned car seats so my pricing would be well out of date ( a bit like me and sell by dates)  
I will hazard a guess it would take a couple of hours or so depending on the amount of soiling. I would be charging my time at least at 35.00 an hour. Check that the seat edges where the driver gets in and out have not lost colour or it may be a re-dying job...more cost involved here.

Hope this helps


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