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Help - should I clean the carpet with bleach?
Posted by (, 28 December 2003
Hey guys I need help Wink
I bought a carpet just over a year ago which has all the best stain quards etc etc. But it is a cream carpet and with kids, well what else do I have to say. Anyway no matter how many times we tried to clean marks off the carpet with plain water they would never shift. We went back to the shop and complained to which they said use thin bleach. This tends to work but it leaves a water stain. Angry
I'm considering hiring a carpet cleaning machine and instead of putting shampoo in it I would put thin bleach. The result I'm hoping is that it will be all over the carpet and hence no water marks.(Although it will smell)
So please let me know if this is a good idea or if there is anything else I can do?
Please dont say that I have to take it up with the shop that sold me the carpet cause they are a nightmare to deal with.
Posted by mike_halliday (mike_halliday), 28 December 2003
If your TV was faulty would you get your tool box out,  open up the back and try and fix it yourself, or would you call a tv repairman? this might sound a bit cheaky but what I'm trying to say is, somethings should be left to the proffessionals.

look at and find a carpet cleaner in your area  if you start doing DIY carpet cleaning then you'll just end up paying twice once to hire the machine then again to have your work put right.

this probably was'nt what you wanted to hear  Wink

Posted by Ken_Wainwright (Ken Wainwright), 28 December 2003
Don't do it! Bleach may well ruin the pump of the machine, leave a horrible smell in your home, may attack the carpet backing and may even leave a residue, depending on formulation. From your post, I'm reasonably confident you have a polypropylene fibre yarn in your carpet. If you paid extra to have stain resist treatments applied by the retailer, you may have been mis-sold the treatment. We'd need more details to advise further.

Back to cleaning. Presuming that the carpet is of tufted construction, a small hire machine may not be the best option as these carpets can take ages to dry properly, and re-soiling can be a problem. Polyprop is an oil loving fibre, so these sources of soil, whether animal, vegetable or mineral oil, can be problamatic to the inexperienced.  I'd advise you do some research on who is a good professional in your area and let them take it on. It could be the cheapest option in the long run.
Safe and happy cleaningSmiley

Posted by RAINBOW69 (CATMAN), 28 December 2003
I would advise you to get a professional carpet cleaner to take a look. Using any type of bleach on a carpet could cause you more problems, the bleach could effect the backing, causing it to pull away from the pile(delamination) and never believe what the shop says. Take it from me, I attend some of these people who have bought stain protection as part of their purchase, they get told all sorts of lies so that they will buy it and earn commission for the salesman, like "our stain guard contains teflon, you could drop an egg on this sofa and it would slide right off!.; "this carpet will be stain proof but if a stain does occur then we have specialist cleaners" a contradiction in itself.

You mention hiring a cleaner, again I have done this when mine was out of action, no heater, a crap wand and full of all sorts of unmentionable's and I recently attended a woman's house who  had hired a certain doctor for her carpet, thing was she ended up with three different doctors not working properly the final one dropped it's lot all over her cream carpet, leaving a brown stain. I was given the job  to clean it up using my HWE. The cost of her hiring and doing it herself was more than what I would have charged to do it for her.

If in doubt, do nowt,  call a pro out.
Posted by (, 28 December 2003
Thanks Guys, your right I had my doubts and thanks for the advice I will get the pros on it

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