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Please Help! Need info on cleaning procedures
Posted by Hospitalitystudent (Hospitalitystudent), 2 January 2004
Hi, I'm currently doing an assignment relating to hotel cleaning & housekeeping
and wondered if anyone can help me. I can't find any info on systems of cleaning and need to explain individual, block/team cleaning, weekly monthly and daily procedures and deep cleaning.  Huh
If anyone has any experience in this field or any suggestions where to look I will be very grateful for your help.

Posted by martin_606 (martin_606), 2 January 2004
Log onto the Bics website and you can download and print their pages on what is considered clean, then give a copy to each of your team.


Martin Cool
Posted by Charles_@_lakeland (Charles_@_lakeland), 9 January 2004
If you require any help  email me and i shall email you as much info as you need.

lakeland Smiley

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