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Training courses - what do you recommend?
Posted by ALEXDH (ALEXDH), 28 December 2003
Hi I need to get some training sorted.

At the moment i am learning as i go and i need to get trained/Insured etc.

Does anyone know when the next NCCA carpet training is.

Also when the Next IICRC course is, think with alltec.

I might go on the ashbys on the 20th, what do you reckon. Huh Huh

Posted by leerob695 (leerob695), 28 December 2003
not sure when the next IICRC course is on at Altec but i am gonna book the upholstory course next year i have taken the carpet cleaning IICRC with altec and the instructor Paul Pearce is a nice bloke i would reccomend IICRC with altec anytime
Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 29 December 2003

The NCCA will be running a two day course in the NCCA on 0116 2719550 for details.
Paul Pearce is currently the NCCA Training Director and will be taking the course along with Pawlo Woloszyn will be in good hands.

Kind regards
Posted by Ken_Wainwright (Ken Wainwright), 29 December 2003
I feel, Alex, that as you are new to our industry, the NCCA course would be more beneficial and cost effective for you. This is a course ideal for your needs, is over two days, involves theory and practical work, and also covers  both carpet and upholstery cleaning. The IICRC courses are, from memory, 2 days carpet and 2 days upholstery, so are more demanding on both time and resources and tend to be more theory than NCCA. I would recommend every experienced CC to attend the IICRC courses as a way of maintaining and improving their knowledge of our ever changing industry, but for beginners, the NCCA  course is, I feel, of greatest benefit. The Prochem courses are very good too.
Safe and happy cleaningSmiley

Posted by Ian_G. (Ian_Gourlay), 29 December 2003
While we are on the subject of training.

Are there any distant learning courses.

ie Internet,

Good Books and Manuals you can buy .

Dereck says that one of the biggest problems is that people forget what they learn on courses.

I refer to my manual regularly (no longer available) and then check with you guys. ( sometimes changing things just to see what you say)

I did have a copy of Fundementa;ls of Carpet Cleaning. but lost my copy. Is it still up to date.

Chemspec appear to sell a manual on Upholstery Cleaning  Any Good?

Craftex have a manual . Any good.

Anyone know of any others.?

Happy New Year

Posted by strakercleaning (strakercleaning), 29 December 2003
I have done NCCA training course and found it to be THE best course I have ever done. Paul Pearce was a great instructor and his fun approach made the whole thing seem like it only lasted an hour. No one was looking at their watches and everybody seemed dissappointed when it ended.......that is the sign of a good instructor. I already had 15 years experience and had been on 5 other courses in the past but still found that I learned bucketloads Grin
Posted by martin_606 (martin_606), 29 December 2003
I took the Prochem course and learnt absolutley loads.


I could barely keep my eyes open, and looking around i could see other people struggling, the trainers seemed like a bad Morecombe and Wise!

Surprised I learnt so much but glad I did!


Martin Cool
Posted by strakercleaning (strakercleaning), 29 December 2003
Manufacturers courses are good, I have done Prochem, Ashbys and Stimvak but they tend to plug the brand of chemicals and cleaning systems they produce. Thats when you start to switch off and become bored/tired Shocked
NCCA train the same way up and down the country, I did my course in Cornwall but lived in London. Turns out that Paul Pearce (trainer) and myself seemed to know all the same people and companies in South London  Roll Eyes
Try whatever you feel comfortable with but travel/spend maximum effort to get THE best you can Grin

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