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any ideas on expanding?
Posted by tracey (tracey), 17 September 2003
i have been running a cleaning company for nearly two years now and had up's and downs i am trying to get in on a more commercial scale does anyone have any good advice on my next move many thanks

Posted by Terry_Burrows (Terry_Burrows), 18 September 2003
Wink Tracey adverts money etc internet lots of ways to branch out,it will cost you Shocked
Posted by Mike_Boxall (Mike_Boxall), 19 September 2003
Hi Tracey
Do you already advertise in the yellow pages? If so, what size ad do you have and does it work for you?
I know lots of contract cleaners who swear by it.
Posted by Derek (Derek), 19 September 2003
Hi Tracey

Many (many) years ago when part of our business was in contract cleaning we carried out the following excercise with some degree of success.

We spent a few evenings touring the various business parks around and in the City. The idea was to select Companys that WE would like to do work for rather than a blanket coverage of the sites.

We then sent them introductory letters followed up by a visit and if this was not immediately successful we contacted them every three months until they finally capitulated.  
The reasoning behind this was that at some point they would have an upset with their existing cleaning contractors and we would be first in the frame.  It worked for us...

Hope this gives you some ideas

Posted by TNorris (TNorris), 11 October 2003

Ever thougt of branching into new areas, I have posted in the 'NEW' section an advert for a new fluid which is UK product and after being sprayed and wiped, sets up a 100% biocdal barrier FOR AT LEAST SEVEN DAYS!

The cleaning industry could REALLY do well from this development, which was 10 years in R&D and is now market ready.  It would enable contractors (at extra cost to the client) to promise germ free surfaces until their next visit - the thought of REALLY CLEAN loo door handles is amazing!!

It would also enable contractors to chase some of the lucrative specialised contracts in areas which are 'biologically challenged' such as hospitals, care homes and food preperation companies.

We have several reports from UK laboratories.

See the 'ADVERT' for more info which may help contractors who want to specialise.

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