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Target for 2004
Posted by Northerclean (Alex), 21 January 2004
Some may not want to comment on the above subject but I'm just thinking of how much I should be looking to make for 2004, i have a figure of around 70k, however, I think I'll need to double my expectation with a baby on the way.

Is this a realistic figure?

Posted by md_cleaning (md_cleaning), 21 January 2004
    I hope 70k does prove realistic, we would be happy with that although work has been slow since christmas but picking up now, but as still new to running own business as long as it keeps picking up will be happy Grin Grin
Posted by Iain_Thomas (DT CLEANING), 21 January 2004
Not long been in buisness myself so if you have any ideas to pick things up a bit they would greatfully appreciated.  Sad
Posted by martin_606 (martin_606), 21 January 2004
Hi Guys

I am new myself (to cleaning) and my target this year is six figures...


I think it is.


Martin Cool

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