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Buying established Work
Posted by Slatercleaners (Slatercleaners), 1 February 2004
I'm looking at starting with buying a few days wk and canvassing the rest.

I'm not sure what a good price is.

For Work that takes 2 days every 4 wks and generates £200 I've been asked for £700.
Is that fair? It's based in North of Scotland?

I'd really appreciate any thoughts.
ps this site is excellent.
Posted by andy (andy), 1 February 2004
its sounds ok to me. But im sure you could do the work in 1 day if you work hard.

Posted by pdhanson (Silly Philly), 1 February 2004
In very general terms, the going rate is about 21/2 times what the work is worth per month.  For very good work, (upwards of £35 ph) 3x is not unusual.

£100 a day is, to be honest, not great. But allowing for regional difference, and added to the fact that it would be a nice kick start, I think I'd probably have it.

However, if the work is worth less than £20 per hour I probably would say 'no thanks'.

Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 2 February 2004
Hi Silly
        What sort of price do you guys charge for a three bedroomed semi in Bristol Huh

Posted by pdhanson (Silly Philly), 2 February 2004
For a three bed semi in Bristol we'd charge about £10 - £12.  This type of house would take me around 20 minutes.  My daily target (working on my own) would be £170.  Though I don't always make that, I do usually make at least £150

Though this of course depends on the area.  And there is a shortage of good window cleaners here.  

I work with Mrs Silly, which is a great selling point. (How many young ladies do you see window cleaning?)  Customers really like that.  Also I make an effort not  to look like your average window cleaner.  I am always smartly dressed and clean shaven.  All of our stationery is headed with our company logo, and once in a while we produce a leaflet for customers telling them about new services, changes etc.  and inviting their comments.

All these little touches will allow you to stand out, and therefore command a higher price.

Also, when canvassing, a high price gives an implication of quality.  And having an expensive/ smart/ professional looking/ female  window cleaner is sometimes a status symbol.  (I've heard that from more than one customer - they do boast about their window cleaners to their friends)

Posted by Slatercleaners (Slatercleaners), 2 February 2004
Who do you use for PI Ins?
Posted by Slatercleaners (Slatercleaners), 2 February 2004
Roughly what can I expect to pay for PI for £2m
Posted by Slatercleaners (Slatercleaners), 2 February 2004
I'm going to offer 3x as it is very nearby where I stay.
Posted by pdhanson (Silly Philly), 2 February 2004
PI Insurance?  Do you mean Public Liability Insurance?

I paid £110 for £1million of cover but its better to get it from the fed.

(Why do you need £2m?  In case you accidentally demolish a block of flats?  £1m is the standard amount!)

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Posted by Slatercleaners (Slatercleaners), 2 February 2004
The local council stipulate the £2m. and charge £150 for 3yr licence.

Thanks for the tip about modifying posts...
Posted by stevekennedy (stevekennedy), 2 February 2004
Hi Phil,

I think the 2 million is in case you kill someone with a falling ladder etc. 1 million used to be enough. I guess people are becoming more expensive these days  Grin

Posted by Slatercleaners (Slatercleaners), 4 February 2004
Do you have the name of the company your Public Liabilty Insurance is through?

I'm trying to avoid phoning round the well known insurers who will probably be a waste of time.
Posted by CHUCKK (CHUCKK), 5 February 2004
for pi insurance try ARNOT 0191 375 3400 KATE SHELDON got mine for £79-£1000000 you need to hagle
tell her you can get it cheaper elsewhere  Grin Grin

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