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Is the NCCA Training good?
Posted by Happyeater (Happyeater), 6 February 2004
Just thinking of getting on the next one.
Posted by strakercleaning (strakercleaning), 6 February 2004
Training is VERY good. I did mine about 4 years ago, with 17 years experience as a CC, I learned shedloads of new things and was reminded about the amount of knowledge i had forgotten Roll Eyes
Paul Pearce was the trainer and was very easy to listen to, without the wish to sleep or look out the window. I am going to go again in the near future and then go on to join up, should have done it before but.......... Embarassed
At the risk of upsetting anyone.......i would say that you cannot go on a better course than the NCCA one.
*Disclaimer: Other training courses may offer paralled value and knowledge but possibly with a brand bias *
Posted by stevegunn (Steve Gunn), 6 February 2004
I attended the training in November 2003 which was excellent Paul Pearce and Pawlo Woloszyn have vast knowledge of the carpet cleaning industry and are not frightened to pass it on.I joined in December and i only wish i had done it sooner.I implemented some of the tips to my business and I have doubled my turnover in such a short period Grin.I would highly recommend it
Posted by Happyeater (Happyeater), 6 February 2004
Thanks a lot guys, sending my application over the week end.  Smiley
Posted by heritagecleaning (heritagecleaning), 6 February 2004
How much is the course?
Posted by rob_s (rob_s), 6 February 2004
   The fee is 255+vat,and is on the 20th-21st of Feb.
  I am going on the 21st.

   rob -s Grin
Posted by Happyeater (Happyeater), 6 February 2004
Just going for a day, Rob?
Posted by rob_s (rob_s), 6 February 2004
    Yes, just the upholstery course on the saturday.
  I did the carpet course 17 months ago, so I can still take the exam after the saturday.

I did the course 20 years ago with Ian Day at Franklins factory, but never took the exam so I could join.

 Regards  rob-s Smiley
Posted by Happyeater (Happyeater), 6 February 2004
Well, I look forward to saying hello.
Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 7 February 2004
Hey Rob 's'

Twenty years ago...Franklins...Ian Day...that brings back some memories.

To all those going on to the NCCA course in a couple of weeks....

Enjoy the will learn a lot... the most important thing is to have an open mind and be prepared to change some of your existing practices


Posted by Happyeater (Happyeater), 7 February 2004
Open mind? I have no choice, not much between the ears anyway  Roll Eyes
Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 7 February 2004
You'll go far  Wink  Grin

Posted by Happyeater (Happyeater), 8 February 2004
The cheque has been sent, anyone else going? Smiley

Booked in on the Thursday night as well as the Friday. Balcony and sea view requested.

Is maid service any good?

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