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Posted by shinnyshinner (Alan  shinnyshinner), 13 February 2004
Hi all
Any one seen the new forum for general cleaners?
Posted by replacement (Justin R), 13 February 2004

Domain Name:  

Steven Lowe  

There problem sloved cant see why theres another fourm mind you. Ill stay here thanks.
Posted by DP (DP), 14 February 2004
Question: I realise Steve is in the Admin chair but who ownes this site ?

Im assuming this has nothing to do with Express?
Posted by Mike_Boxall (Mike_Boxall), 16 February 2004
on 02/14/04 at 01:22:15, DP wrote:
Question: I realise Steve is in the Admin chair but who ownes this site ?

Im assuming this has nothing to do with Express?


Yes, we own, run and administer this site exclusively. Steve was simply an independent moderator (and a good one)



Obviously, we're surprised at Steve starting his own forum particularly as he has had so much input into this one. It's not the first time it's happened and there's another member is in the process of starting one too.

The one thing I question is what they will offer that this one doesn't? Chris has said 'The idea was to create a forum that was used and run by professionals' - thats what we've tried to do and we do get a lot of positive feedback that suggests we've suceeded. We have lots of extremely experienced members who offer good genuine unbiased advice to other members particularly those that are new to the industry. We encourage topics covering all types of cleaning and spend considerable time trying to keep posts professional. I entirely disagree that this forum is not 'used and run by professionals' and, as far as being biased is concerned, I am happy for members to make their own judgement.  

Unfortunately, you can't please all the people all the time and the more people you have contributing the more chance there is of conflicting opinions. Maybe that's what has triggered this particular one.

Personally, I hope that it doesn't get to the point that there becomes so many forums that none of them have enough regular contributors to create valuable and interesting ongoing content. I struggle to keep up with all the topics on this site let alone others as well. If it ends up with the same members asking the same questions what's the point? This particular 'new' forum uses the same format, has the same topics, and, currently, the same members.

I am disappointed Steve feels he can no longer support Cleanitup as he has done in the past but would certainly like to take this opportunity to thank him for all his effort over the past few months. He does genuinely take time out to help others and, for that, I respect him.  

Life goes on....


Mike Boxall

Posted by DP (DP), 16 February 2004
Hi Mike thanks for answering that question.

It seems that there is some confusion between anonymity and professionalism bounding around (amongst other things) which has been the subject of recent debate across this forum.

I realise that there has been some sympathy on this subject from the Administration (although I understand this is more in respect of convenience to others etc).

However the issue of people not using their real name and whether they are professional or not is absolutely rubbish and simply comparable to childish name calling.

There are many many professionals on this forum and those who would be critical know that, so unless there is some logistical reason or it transpires to being the forum rules, isn’t any other criticism simply self indulged egotism?

Another comment which seems to have played relevance here is the ownership of the forum.  The fact that Express supply this forum is completely irrelevant, as its the people who post who really influence it, because without them it wouldn’t exist and using this fact for any kind or reasoning is at best nonsense

My definition of a real professional is someone secure enough to give advice, help others, share experiences and most important, still be able to learn “unconditionally” irrespective of who they are or what they are called or what point of their career they find themselves. If you take all that away, I’m not exactly sure what’s left but doubt it will be very much use to anybody.

With regards to another forum, well I guess that is the privilege of everyone as they are very easy to set up, however very much more difficult to become successfull especially when already riddled with conditions.

However I wish them well especially on sorting out those new members still signing up under bogus names (perhaps a little idealistic after all ?) but would hope that it continues in a  professional manor (which seems to be the proclaimed reasoning), ie one that doesn’t need to feed off of lame statements or carbon copy formats from other forums such as  this one, which at the end of the day seems to of proved beneficial to most of its members to date whatever they were called.


Posted by stevekennedy (stevekennedy), 25 February 2004
Just a wee point. I think it's the software used to host the forums that makes them appear similar. But I agree with Mike. It might dilute the pool of contributors which would be a shame  Undecided At the moment I'm trying to support all the forums. A lot of mouse clicking!

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