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BIG window clean
Posted by deb (deb), 6 March 2004
Hi peeps

I have been asked to quote for a showroom.

8 windows 10ft x 22ft inside and out (new with sticky

tape/grime on) and seals which have

cement/dust/builders dirt on them. This is a one off and

will be a deep clean rather than a simple window clean

(no offence meant!).

Can anyone advise on cost.



Posted by D.Salkeld_Ltd (D.Salkeld_Ltd), 6 March 2004
Hi Deb,

I assume you are in the cleaning business rather than a window cleaner.  Therefore charge it on your hourly rate.  At a rough guess(without looking at the job it will probably take 1 person 1/2 day so charge for 4 hours labour.

David Salkeld
D.Salkeld Ltd

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