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Posted by deb (deb), 27 February 2004
Hi all
I have just been asked to give a quote for cleaning a conservatory outside only, what do i charge? - ideas would be appreciated.

I have the pressure washer,tools,ladders etc..

Posted by wreelyclean_servic (Wreelyclean Services), 27 February 2004
 Shocked..It all depends on what you are doing....

I clean them all year round and the best thing I do is give the option of a wash and wax or a full T.F.R. going over.....

Small wash and wax.....40
Medium wash and wax......55
Large wash and wax...70

Small TFR, wash and wax.....60
Medium TFR wash and wax....75
Large TFR wash and wax....90

Wash and wax is simple.....I use normal good quality car wash and wax....extending brushes...low pressure..

TFR is more time consuming however you charge for it so there you go.....

Be very careful though where you point the pressure lance as conny`s are not watertight on the roof panels..I used to fit them so I know.....I use steam cleaners in my outfit and find the hot water does the trick at low pressure with some elbow grease....

Hope that answers your question... Grin
Posted by deb (deb), 29 February 2004
thanks for that!!

what is TFR?

how long does it take take for a medium wash/wax/TFR

or just a medium wash/wax?

Do you supply the water and electric or use the customers?


Posted by wreelyclean_servic (Wreelyclean Services), 1 March 2004
TFR....Traffic Film Remover...

Medium wash/wax.....approx 45 mins x 2 men

Medium TRF/was/wax.....approx 1 hour x 2 men

My vans are fully self sufficient, I have steam cleaners, generators and water tanks always in all my vans and I throw what`s needed inside and the ladders on top..
Posted by deb (deb), 2 March 2004
Thank you for that extremely helpful!!

Have you always used your own electric/water?

Have you ever used the customers, how did they react to this?


Posted by wreelyclean_servic (Wreelyclean Services), 2 March 2004
The way I see it is that I offer a professional service and on that basis I have all the kit needed to do the job.

All my employees wear uniforms and all my vans are signwritten, I use a landline and mobile and my address is on all literature.

I have never used a clients water / electricity and don`t want to, also we can do work whilst the client isn`t there so we are not restricted either.

There is a saying that B*llshit Baffles Brains and at the end of the day, uniforms and all the rest are just b*llshit
but it all helps.

When we are asked about work which we rather don`t or don`t want to do I subby it out and get an introduction fee, leaving us free to do our work thereby having money from both sides of the coin.

After reading many many questions on this forum it would appear that there are loads of people trying to do a job they don`t have either the tools or the experience for and in my opinion they would be able to make more use of their time by cracking on with there own work and subby the other jobs out.  The flip side to this is that once you start subbying out to others they will start doing the same for you.

I`m not knocking your work spirit just trying to help. Grin

Work smart. not hard.
Posted by Ian_G. (Ian_Gourlay), 2 March 2004
I ask questions in this part of the site about cleaning different items as a way of finding out what equipoment skills you would need to do the job. And how rewarding it might be,

Although I do not believe you have to have a van equiped with 50000 of equipment to clean carpets you need a reasonably profesional kit.

The same applies to specialist contract jobs.

However if you do not ask question you cannot find out what you need.

The problem also is do you invest in top notch kit to clean wheelie bins, consvertries . patio brickweave, etc to start with .
Invest in marketing to make sure its fully used or do you get buy  hire etc untill you have
enough customers.

Sub contracting could be an answer if your qoute is high enough to leave you with profit.

My point is there has to be a starting point.

To clarrify I only clean carpets etc but the value of this site compared with others is you can learn off non carpet cleaners about other areas of the industry and decide if there is a market you would like to enter.
Posted by wreelyclean_servic (Wreelyclean Services), 3 March 2004
Huh..Hey Ian is there an underlying swipe at me in your posting or what?? Undecided

I realise that if you don`t ask you don`t get and on a great many occasions there seem to plenty of "readings" of particular postings but very limited replies. I would never reply to a carpet cleaning posting `cos I don`t know anything about it, but there are surely others that do.

Somewhere on this forum I read that someone else thinks the same way as me with this in mind.

If people are looking for their own personal gain and not giving help/info then that`s up to them, maybe they aren`t good/experienced enough, however all I`ve tried to do is help people out on here.

In my view it is a mistake of a lot of people to spread themselves too thin with regards to work and that`s when they hit trouble.  As I`ve said, if you clean carpets and I don`t, when my clients ask for carpet cleaning I would get you in and if you got the job drop me a few quid and bob`s your uncle, conversley if your client asked you for patio cleaning, you pass to me and I drop the few bob to you.. Wink

Work Smart, Not Hard...
Posted by Ian_G. (Ian_Gourlay), 3 March 2004
I guess it was a gentle swipe, I hope you did not take offence. I just like starting debates

I think I was trying to say that there might be a temptation to clean a Conservertry with a long pole and a brush and allthough it might be harder it would be perferctley satisfactory for the 75 year lady whos husband died.

However if you were to do a lot of them You would need the full pole system kit with all the tanks etc that goes with them.

There is the thought stick to your specialised area. However if you are not fully booked why not try out other areas of cleaning..

Offering  the same Satisfaction Guarantee.


Posted by tech-clean (tech-clean), 4 March 2004
Hi Deb
The cleaning of coservatories isn't rocket science, here at Tech-Clean in Doncaster we manufacture and supply a full range of cleaning equipment for this type of work and specialise in machines to clean block paving. These will restore a surface to new with just cold water and at walking pace, and at the going rate rate between 2 and 4 per sq mtr it's quite lucri
tive Wink

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