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Recruiting staff
Posted by julieg (julieg), 5 August 2003
A couple of questions about staffing issues.
I am just about to start my own domestic cleaning business. I intend to do the work myself initially and then take staff on. Also other than local press what is the best way to recruit good staff and what are peoples view on what they should be paid.

I have in mind set rates of pay and intend to pay on an hourly basis. My question is will I be expected to pay cleaners for the whole day ie travelling time to and from jobs or just for the cleaning jobs themselves. Why also do most companies operate in pairs does it mean they can clean more houses?

Posted by Mike_Boxall (Mike_Boxall), 5 August 2003
Hi Julie
I'm not sure what the typical rates would be in your area but I'd guess the best thing to do is to check out the ads in the local paper. However, BE PREPARED, getting good reliable cleaning staff is a problem for every single contract cleaner I know! Once you get them do everything you can to keep them, even if you have to pay a little more.
I would suggest that if you have staff cleaning at a single premises for each shift then you would pay them from the time they got there until the time they leave. On the other hand, if they will be travelling from site to site in a single shift (if you were doing house cleans for example) then I would suggest that you would pay from the time they got to the first job until the finished the last one.
Hope this helps
Good luck Smiley

Posted by julieg (julieg), 5 August 2003
thanks that helps.
Posted by SAMBANG (SAMBANG), 19 August 2003
Hi Julieg,

I've just registered in the forum and I have read your query on what to pay new employees.  I, myself have just started up and am in the same position as you, not knowing what to pay etc.  
I have a question for you if you can help.  Are you in a van or a car?  I am in a car at the mo, but will be getting a van in a couple of weeks hopefully.

Let me know how it's going!!


Sam Smiley

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