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To many vacuum cleaners??!?!?!
Posted by A_to_Z_Clean (A_to_Z_Clean), 20 October 2003
Hi, Grin

I'm doing domestic cleaning and one off.I need to buy vacuum cleaner to clean the carpets.I don't wont to use steam ( to big and ) .I like to get somthig to shampoo carpets ( not too big) around 300

And ideas?

AtoZ Clean Grin

Posted by Ken_Wainwright (Ken Wainwright), 20 October 2003
Hi Adam

I feel that the most important part of our work is the pre-vacuuming, so if you are thinking of using equipment at the lower end of the performance spectrum, it is essential that you do not skimp on the vacuuming. For carpets you will need a good upright machine, preferably with a sperate motor to power the beater bar. Although these machines are more expensive, they are well worth the investment. My own supplier in B'ham has a reasonable turnover in ex-demo models, so there's considerable savings to be made if you know where to go.
Posted by Tony_Browning (Tony_Browning), 20 October 2003
Doe's your supplier also deal with ex-demo/2nd hand portable extraction machines?
Kind Rgds
Posted by Ken_Wainwright (Ken Wainwright), 20 October 2003
Rarely Tony

But 2 other contacts I have in the Worcestershire area do. If you're interested, I'll post/pass on their numbers.
Posted by Mike_Boxall (Mike_Boxall), 20 October 2003
Do you plan to do any training before you start cleaning carpets?
Ken has hit on a very important point about pre-vacuuming with a decent vacuum but you're going to struggle with a budget of 300.
How much money do you expect to make from cleaning carpets over the next 12 months?
Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 21 October 2003

With a budget of just 300 you are restricting yourself in the quality of work that you are going to do.

e.g. Professionals will pay around 300 for a good quality vacuum for the pre clean vacuuming process.

Shampoo cleaning is regarded as cosmetic cleaning and very often rapid resoiling becomes an issue due to the residues left in the fibres. Plus, your customer can do this type of cleaning for themselves so why should they pay you.

I am continually getting work from people who have had work done by professionals with cosmetic systems which have caused dissatisfaction for various reasons.

If you are going to tackle carpet cleaning then I wish you good luck but please, do as Mike has suggested and go on a training course to see what it is all about first.
I can assure you that it will open your eyes to the potential of building a good business

Kind regards
Posted by A_to_Z_Clean (A_to_Z_Clean), 21 October 2003
Hi All Grin
Thanks for repllays.
So how much money i need to start with Huh Huh.Carpet cleaning will be a part of my service witch is general cleaning after builders, pre post tenency etc.On the moment I use "domestic" vacuum cleaner with 1300W power.

I know the course ( 1day ) will cost 100, i think this is a loot.

I'm thinkig to get Bissell Proheat Shampooer & ScotchGard.1200-1400 Watts
220-240 Volt
Perfect Pass
30 Cord Length
12 Cleaning Path
1 Gallon Tank Capacity
1 Year Warranty
Tools Included:
Scotchgard protector applicator
4 Upholstery Tool
8 Upholstery Hose
Spraying Crevice Tool
Tough Stain Brush

AtoZ Clean

Posted by Musicman (Musicman), 21 October 2003
I say 'Go for it' Adam, who needs the advice of the experts - what do they know?!

As for training courses - an expensive waste of good money (or as you put it). Carpet cleaning is hardly rocket science and anyone can get a few stains out - I hear that Vanish is good or even Johnsons 1001 carpet cleaner.

Those 'infomercials' on cable/satellite telly seem pretty good to me - perhaps you should invest in a 'Steam Buggy' as well - just think of how much more work you would be able to attract with one of those!

As far as attracting business is concerned just drop off a few leaflets advertising 'Special Offer - only in your area for 2 weeks', you won't be able to keep up with all the work. You could employ a few students to do it for you.

For pricing, about 50 pence an hour should be seen as excellent value.

Good luck with it.

Posted by A_to_Z_Clean (A_to_Z_Clean), 21 October 2003
Dear Musicman,
I'm i cleaning for 2 years, so i do clean carpets.My problem is time.Carpets are wery time consuming so i'm looking for solution to save me some time.
I'm askig experts , and looking on amount of your post( 1 )  Huh Huh

I don't wont to spend 1200 on ninja , but i need somthing in the middle off the cleaning range .

AtoZ Clean
p.s. and Musicman try another nick name Grin Grin or another formu
Posted by Mike_Boxall (Mike_Boxall), 21 October 2003
Roll Eyes I'm assuming they have sarcasm in Poland?

Adam, why dont you do a training course and hire a carpet cleaning machine for now until you know a bit more about it. You're going to waste your money if you buy a machine like that for what you do.



Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 21 October 2003
Hi Mike

Thanks for explaining where our 'friend' the Musicman is based
I can only assume they have very few carpets in Poland and even less carpet cleaners...still in business.

Carpet Cleaning technology is certainly not Rocket science...thank goodness for that as I am not intending to send up any Rockets...unless its November 5th that is.

I still say go on a training course...its an investment NOT an expense

Posted by Musicman (Musicman), 21 October 2003
I think you've got a little mixed up between myself and Adam.

I've never been to Poland.

I'm just a few miles up the M1 from you Derek.

I was going to say that Adam and I are 'poles apart', but that would be just too corny.


PS. That is my nick-name 'cos my clients are always singing my praises. I'm not changing it for anyone.
Posted by A_to_Z_Clean (A_to_Z_Clean), 21 October 2003
We do have carpets in Poland but then wery hard to make them dirty becuse of high standarts of production Wink

That whay we all go to UK to still all your customers and make money. Grin Grin

Nice sence of humor Darek Grin

AtoZ Clean
Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 22 October 2003
Hi Adam

You think I have a good sense of wife has an even better one....she married ME!!! Wink Grin

I love the 'Poles apart' comment very witty Smiley

Posted by Jim_Lynch (Jim_Lynch), 23 October 2003
Have you considered subbing out the carpet cleaning to a local CC? It may be the best option for you if you don't want to buy expensive equipment and pay for training.

Posted by A_to_Z_Clean (A_to_Z_Clean), 23 October 2003

Hi  Jim_Lynch

I did try to do this but ..... Angry Embarassed Tongue
My mum wisdom : If something need to be done properly do it you self!!!

AtoZ Clean

Posted by Ken_Wainwright (Ken Wainwright), 23 October 2003
With all due respect Adam, if you want a job doing properly, you need to invest the time, energy and resources into training and equipment. Jim's suggestion is practical and viable. But only if you can build a good working relationship with someone you can trust. There are honest and genuine CC's out there, you just haven't found one yet. You could do a lot worse than contacting a local NCCA member.

Now it's time to bang the drum a bit Wink To become an NCCA member, the applicant must have attended the association's own 2 day carpet and upholstery cleaning course, or an approved one, and passed the examination. You then have to submit proof of Public and Treatment Liability Insurance, and each year at renewal, in order to be considered for membership. As you may gather, this is not a "Cheque Book" membership, but one which has to be earned.

OK, if you do sub-out, there's no guarantee that a member is the best cleaner in the world, but he/she will certainly have the knowledge to be applied to the task.

Another qualification that would show that a CC. is serious about his/her trade is IICRC.
Posted by Kinver_Clean (Kinver_Clean), 23 October 2003
Hi There...

I started cleaning my own carpets in a business my wife and I had and bought a cheap machine which I banished to the back of the shed in no time. ( this is why there are so few second hand machines about-they are all rotting at the back of sheds) I would find a CC to sub to at the moment until you can afford a good machine. (Have you ever tied to clean a carpet with a Vax- they are great for spills but anything over 1 sq met is killing.)
Get trained get insured and see how you get on. I found it took 2 years to build anything like a living.
Best of luck.

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