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Soap yet again!
Posted by Fox (Fox), 13 March 2004

I find myself again in a battle against the subject of 'washing up liquid' - deep clean of a kitchen - ok it's got it's place but it's meant to wash dishes surely!

I have occasionly used it for other purposes like cleaning out deep fat fryers etc but very controlled.  Why do people insist on using it for other things!

I can't stand the scum and barrier it leaves when not used properly.  

I think the stuff should be banned! Causes more trouble than it's worth! Views please.

Posted by garyj (garyj), 14 March 2004
I had a problem with a  sticky floor recently, turned out the cleaners were using washing up liquid instead of floor cleaner. The reason they were using washing up liquidHuh It was within arms reach, the floor  cleaner was two steps away!!!

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