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Time Clocks
Posted by highstandard (Peterdirector), 5 November 2003
[b][/b] Do anyone know where I can obtain a portable clocking in clock, at present i'm using Time sheets and somtimes I've found employees going in late and putting down false time.
Posted by Musicman (Musicman), 5 November 2003
Hi Peter, I don't know about portable clocking in clocks - can't see how one would work. If it's portable it can be fiddled or the other alternative is to drive around with it in which case you're checking up on your staff anyway. Maybe I'm missing something here?

As an alternative, there are timekeeping/voicemail systems on the market. Your cleaners dial a number and send their personal code down the line. They are used for clocking in and out, and have additional H&S benefits on single cleaner sites. They can also be linked to your payroll.

Try and look at their StaffCheck system.

Hope that helps.

Posted by highstandard (Peterdirector), 5 November 2003
Thanks Musicman Voicemail sound just what i'm looking for, I will log on to the eurolink web site. Thanks again.
Posted by highstandard (Peterdirector), 5 November 2003
It would help if I wrote down the right web site.
Posted by catrodney (catrodney), 5 November 2003
Hi Peter,
There is another alternative,which is to  place a Tracker on vehicles they are brilliant!! Sit at your office desk turn on computer and watch your vehicles every movement and will tell you precise street its in. Just for the record i dont do this but i know a company who use this method and BOY do they go through staff. !!!!
Posted by BusyBs (BusyBs), 6 November 2003
a tracker fitted to any car, van etc will lower the premiums on your insurance  Grin

anyone interested in trackers, i know someone who fits them country wide, so let me know and i can pass your details onto him Smiley

Posted by petra (petra), 7 November 2003
Tracker do not lower premiums....we know by personal experience...the best way is to turn up unexcpected to catch them out and keep doing it  but do not develop a patern..well it works for me
Posted by BusyBs (BusyBs), 7 November 2003
Dont know if it is a location thing or particular insurers, but trackers have cut premiums locally to me petra.
Might be worth talking to insurers to find out !!
Posted by petra (petra), 7 November 2003
will do, but we are in a low risk area any way so that may have something to do with it

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