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Hire Of Equipment
Posted by Paulcoz33 (Paulcoz33), 14 December 2003
If you had to do a job 4 a big store and was a little worried to climb ladder because it seemed a little high,When you price up the job would you price up for a lift and show this on the estimate.Does any 1 know can you hire water fed poles
Posted by jonesy5 (jonesy5), 14 December 2003
Where about in the uk are you? maybe if we know someone from this site might be able to help out.
Posted by Paulcoz33 (Paulcoz33), 14 December 2003
10 miles from Bristol
Posted by easycleanwindows (easycleanwindows), 14 December 2003
hi pauld i dont think you can hire out water fed poles the only other way is to hire boom lift and if you dont have licence to use the nalso pay an operative to do while you stand inside it and clean with squeege.This is possible but you have to do risk assesments etc etc and maybe a higher insurance policy.Why dont you sub-contract it out to another window cleaning company and make a percentage of it?

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