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Posted by Special_Clean_Team (Special_Clean_Team), 11 February 2004
Hi there i actually work for a local council and specialise in deep cleaning of kitchens etc, a new thing to us is carpet cleaning which we did do just with a wand however we now have a larger extraction machine and the chemical we use is Nap Low Foam,however we are coming across problems when we leave the carpet is great but next day its all blochy and brown and really looks like its not been cleaned. I havent been on any courses and i am looking to go on one but in the meantime any ideas what this is? This just seem s to happen in schools when we do houses its ok.

Posted by Shaun_Ashmore (Shaun_Ashmore), 11 February 2004
I really think a training course would be a great idea, are you cleaning the carpets or are your staff? the biggest problem with contract cleaners who use untrained staff is this type of problem, over wetting and the incorrect use or selection of chemicals.

Very Dirty areas require specialist training and chemicals and then you can get the results your customer craves for.

Please don't take his a 'put down' it is a fool proof way of solving your problems and making your life a lot less stressful.

Posted by Shaun_Ashmore (Shaun_Ashmore), 11 February 2004
You will also save on man hours and chemicals so your investment in training would pay for itself and make you more succesful.

Posted by Ed_Valentine (Ed Valentine), 11 February 2004
Based on your information, it sounds as though you may be losing seal on your vacuum, perhaps due to either the operator (?), or uneven flooring (?).

Also, double check your vacuum (air-flow) and make sure there are no obstructions from the wand-to-the-machine vac filters.

That would be my suggestions, but ofcourse, you will solve this situation quickly..

Good Fortune to all;
Ed Valentine
cross-american corp.
Posted by Special_Clean_Team (Special_Clean_Team), 11 February 2004
Yes i am actually doing it  with a machine that has 3 jets i went back today and just went over it with plain water as this seems to do the trick heres hoping tomorow.
Posted by SMP (SMP), 11 February 2004
Did you vaccum thoroughly first before the original clean !!?
Posted by Special_Clean_Team (Special_Clean_Team), 12 February 2004
I did vaccum first but maybe not as thorough as i should have but however thanks to you all for replying Derek thanks for the chat i have seen my bosses and im going on the 2 day NCCA next weekend all expenses paid for now all i need is a couple of women?

Thanks all

Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 12 February 2004
Sorry Jim

The NCCA can't supply the girls into the will have to put up with Pawlo and Paul... although you could sneak out for a night on the town if you want

Enjoy the course

Posted by Happyeater (Happyeater), 12 February 2004
All expenses paid for?  Tongue

Gonna be your round.....hehehe.

See you there.

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