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0800 free phone no for just 2 a month
Posted by shaunkinn (shaunkinn), 13 February 2004
Hi Guys,

Just started selling 0800 free phone numbers, as a little side line, thought maybe some of you guys maybe interested. I'm going to get one, once I've started my carpet cleaning business.

There no minimum contract with these numbers, unlike BT where you have to sign up for 12 months, you can end it at anytime if your not happy.

There free to have, but you have to pay 2+VAT a month for the privilage of having one. With BT its 29.99 a month. There is a one off fee of 10 (this is for a credit check), which will be refunded as credit on your 0800 bill.

The peak and off peak charges are cheaper than BT as well, to anybody who rings your number, and calls are charged per second and not minute, and are diverted to your mobile or land line.

There no catches or hidden charges, its just 2 a month thats all, I've been told it increases customer enquires by up to 300%.

Anyway guys, if you're interested or want to ask me a question then feel free.

regards Shaun Shocked Tongue

PS. Thanks for all the private messages sent.
Posted by squeaky_klean (squeaky_klean), 17 March 2004

I'm interested in finding out more.  I'm with BT at the moment, can i stay with them and get this deal or do i have to change?
Posted by shaunkinn (shaunkinn), 18 March 2004
Hi Mate, hope your well.

Are you saying you have a 0800 number with BT? If you have, then you must be in a contract with them...if so, how long is the contract for before you can cancel? If you cancel, then you can transfer your number and get a cheaper service all round.

The 0800 numbers I provide do not have a fixed contract, so your not tied down if you dont like the results.

thanks Shaun
Posted by shaunkinn (shaunkinn), 24 March 2004
Hi everyone....I've had a lot of secure messages asking me for more details on the 0800 numbers. So I thought I'd cut and paste the details that I've got in here......

These Freephone numbers costs just 2 (plus VAT) per month, plus call charges. Each call is charged at 7.5p per Peak minute or 6.5p per off-peak minute. All calls are billed in seconds, not rounded up in minutes, with a minimum call charge of just 2p.

And unlike some other telephone companies, there is no connection fee, no number issue fee and no minimum contract. You can cancel at any time by simply letting us know.

Freephone Number Details
Peak (per min) 7.5
Economy (per min) 6.5p
Minimum call charge 2p
Monthly rental 2
Calls charged per second
Minimum contract None

Monthly spend Discount
100-249 5%
250-499 10%
500 + 15%

Thanks Shaun.

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