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I have invented a new Ladder Standoff
Posted by simonb (simonb), 17 October 2003
I have invented and patented a new stand off with a swivellhead that means you can use it at different angles. It also has a larger plate for more contact with the wall and bridges the gap between joists on conservatory roofs. It's great for holding ladders off gutters and resting on roofs meaning no crushed gutters and slips sideways.
I have a prototype which everbody thinks is great but I cant find anyone to make it and sell it.
Any ideas? There's a few drinks in it for the best suggestions!
Posted by Bones (Bones the Winda Kleena), 17 October 2003
Have you gone into B&Q or Focus etc and looked at their stand offs etc. Jot down the makers address and get in touch with them, who knows?? (Mr. Dyson) ha ha   Grin
Posted by karlosdaze (karlosdaze), 17 October 2003
Try Peter Fogwill, I think he could help you out in that area. I've seen some of his products at Wintec, so I think he's a welder as well. Failing that, try selling a few and if the response is good, go to "Metalnox" or similar and get a price on the first batch of a 1000. Don't forget to register the full design with

Here's a helpful page

Although seems a little Americanised.
You could always see what

think about them.
Good luck. Grin

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