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Blue denim stain on a cream leather suite
Posted by Ardingley (Ardingley), 21 July 2003
A customer has a blue denim stain on a cream leather suite and has asked if it can be removed. I've tried leather cleaning products without success. Is there anything more that can be done?
Posted by Mike_Boxall (Mike_Boxall), 22 July 2003
It depends on the quality of the leather and the type of finish that has been applied. I would try some Prochem Prochem E400 Rex Rx which is pretty good for dye stains. Apply it to the stain with a terry towel and if it breaks down towel it off with another terry towel rung out in a solution of Prochem B109 Fibre & Fabric Rinse. Remember that the towels should only be damp, not soaking wet. Finally, apply Prochem E675 Leather Conditioner and buff with a clean dry terry towel. Should do the trick (dont forget to pre-test though!)
Posted by LTT (LTT), 25 October 2003
Leather Master Rapid Cleaner S is a very good formulation for removing dye transfer on pale coloured suites if the dye transfer is not too old.  If this is not effective your next step is a product called super cleaner, be warned this is a solvent product and may start removing the finish.  Do not use it unless you know how to remedy possible consequences.  The last recourse would be a light coat of dye to recolour.

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