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Escort Carpet Cleaner
Posted by Apex_Cleaners (Apex_Cleaners), 11 February 2004
Hello All.
I have an Escort carpet cleaner,the sort that you can hire in Dry cleaners.Being a window & office cleaner by
trade I have not got a clue about spares for above.
Cleaner is only used for my own personal use.The part
that is broke is the spray trigger mechanism on the main
tube.To be more precise it is the part where the two
spray pipes connect to the trigger mechanism.
I would be grateful for any information of a source to
buy spares.
Failing that, someone who has got an inventive brain who could suggest a way of rigging a way of attaching the two spray pipes with a trigger or on/off valve,this
would mean blanking off the broken trigger mech.
Since it is for my own use how it looks or works would not matter.
Thank you
Peter J
Posted by Dynafoam (Dynafoam), 11 February 2004

There are many suppliers that can fit you up with a 'K' valve, Asbys, Woodford Commercial, Express etc.

Or look at: (under "valves")


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