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Trying to find good insurance cover?
Posted by dave (dave), 16 September 2003

I'm searching through the insurance brokers to find Public Liability & Employees liability insurance.

As I understand, if only me and my wife clean we only require public liability insurance ( prices quoted to us 120 - 160) Is this good or badHuh 250 excess??

Employees liability cover upto 1 million, based on how many employees we employ on a part-time basis (prices vary). Insurance companies will offer a temporary emplyees liability at 60.00

* Can anyone recommend an insurer for me to conact

Regards Dave

Posted by Derek (Derek), 16 September 2003

Insurance companys have taken a battering recently and many are not taking new business for some sectors of the cleaning industry.
1 million seems rather light and some industrial customers are looking for at least 2 million cover.

Try McGregor Lloyd Ltd.
Tel: 0121 7060616

Posted by Clean_Waterless (Clean_Waterless), 16 September 2003
Hi Dave.

I think this is a good price. I have been quoted nearly 4000 p.a. from a broker. I finaly settled with a quote from my bank as an existing customer of 380 p.a.
You can't justify the difference. Imagin if we varied our prices like they do! What kind of name would our industry have?

Good Luck

Gary Mansfield
The Waterless Car Cleaning Company Ltd.

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