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Posted by denzle (denzle), 21 December 2003
I hope i'm not speaking out of turn here but as i have said in a previous post, until this forum came along the only other forum for fellow WCers i could find was an american one.
Many of the topics on that forum just were not applicable to the way we do things over here. However one thing that i thought was good, was the fact that anyone on that forum that may stand to make a financial gain from being there by promoting there goods, i.e Pulex, Sorbo, Ettore were required to make a donation of a product each month to the Member of the Month.
The member of the month was decided by the forum admin to be the person that had contributed the most help, information and advice duing that month.
I see that we seem to have quite a few people here that are eager to promote there wares, i was wondering if they might be interested in sponsoring the forum with the odd freebie.
I'm not talking mega bucks sponsorship, just a few rubbers, tools, detergent and the like.
It would all add to the fun of being here, what does everyone else think ?
Posted by fez (fez), 21 December 2003
Sounds good to me - I'll have a gallon of GG3 or a 500l Reach ond Wash system please! Grin

But seriously, it sounds a great idea and might just the increase users' average postings a little.
Posted by higgs (higgs), 21 December 2003

What a very good incentive for both information supplier and the recipients of useful information being communicated within the forum.


Posted by jonesy5 (jonesy5), 21 December 2003
Good idea but as usual we behind our fellow yankie window cleaners once again Cheesy
Posted by paul (paul), 21 December 2003
very good idea denzle its worth a try whos first? Huh
Posted by Majestic (Majestic), 21 December 2003
Great idea,
Put me down for a new pole system  Grin  ok boys dont fight for who gives me one first . Cool
Posted by matt (matt), 21 December 2003
on 12/21/03 at 19:33:32, Majestic wrote:
Great idea,
Put me down for a new pole system  Grin  ok boys dont fight for who gives me one first . Cool

i had to check for a moment then, thought i was on some "gayboys" message board  Huh Shocked Wink

read the last post carefully, it all makes sence  Wink Grin
Posted by pdhanson (Silly Philly), 21 December 2003
No No No No No please No!

The last thing we need is more adverts!  They're bad enough already!  We dont want them competing with each other.

We need a forum like this for unbiased opinions, not just a load of people trying to sell us stuff and handing out a few tatty freebies!

Please no!


Once more I say, "no"
Posted by denzle (denzle), 22 December 2003
I agree with you, i didn't mean having a forum full of adverts, that really would spoil things.
What i mean't was the likes of people that are already here offering advice about their company products. i,e Ruben R, peter F, George Systems etc maybe getting their company bosses to offer the odd freebie.
Non of the above people blatently plaster this forum with adverts but all contribute to making this forum so good.
Like i say it was only a thought based on what i had seen elsewhere.
Posted by admin (Forum Admin), 22 December 2003
Hi Guys

The problem is striking the right balance. We don't have a problem with suppliers making a token gesture but once you expect them to make a contribution they (quite rightly) expect something in return.

Phil hit the nail on the head when he said it needs to remain unbiased. The rule as it stands is that the more a supplier contributes with genuine helpful advice the more we will allow them to mention their own products - at the moment this seems to be the fairest option that suits everyone.

We are starting to notice one or two suppliers that only post when there's an opportunity sell something to someone and, surely, thats what we have to try and avoid.
Posted by karlosdaze (karlosdaze), 22 December 2003
Theres nothing to stop "Express" dishing out the freebies is there? A rubber from Ettore, an Unger microsleeve, a triumph scraper...........................................just a thought.

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