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What some people will do........
Posted by MB (Mark Betts), 18 December 2003
Had a call at 5.30 this evening.

Lady wants lounge cleaned b4 xmas.

I said ok can do it on tuesday.

She says any chance of any sooner?

I said nope sorry !!!

She says, "Well my husband is coming out of hospital tomorrow and i would like to surprise him when he comes home".

So me a sucker for a sob story says the only chance she has got is 8pm this evening !!!  (thinking i am doing the old girl a favour)

She says yes thats great my son will be here to let you in.


I turn up at 8pm, Son answers door, Me making polite converation says I understand your dad is coming home tomorrow from hospital.

Son looks at me gone out!!!!  He says no my dad works in london as a physio!!!

mmmmmmm ok i thought whatever.

Ten minutes later Mother arrives home from shopping. Thanks me so much for fitting her in etc etc.

Anyway  10 minutes later she comes in the room exclaiming "O blimey look whose just arrived home early to surprise meHuh "

Only the b loody husband hahhahahaha

He is fit as a fiddle, what a miracle he,s cured!!!  It must be Christmas.

I just chuckled to myself and finished the job.

70 plus 10 tip!!!!


But talk about spin a yarn just to get ure carpets cleaned hahahahha

Posted by Northerclean (Alex), 19 December 2003

I had the same thing happen to me but she told me that they had viewers to buy the house, when I got there I spoken to the chap and said "you hoping to move anywhere nice" I got a look of what the hell you talking about you mad carpet cleaner!! Told him a was sorry as I was under the impression they had viewers and needed the jobing doing fast - At this point his red faced wife comes in and tells me she was really sorry but an other carpet cleaner had let them down before and she didn't want it to happen again.

Unreal, but I got a nice 20 tip for a good job and the misunderstanding!

Misunderstanding my arse!!

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