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Conservatory Roof Ladder
Posted by Terysx (Terysx), 21 February 2004
I need to gain safe access to conservatory roof for cleaning and repairs.  
Any idears
Posted by Diamond_Vision (Jeff Brimble), 21 February 2004
Dont do repairs. Acess with scaffolding to gutter height charge minimum of 100, they spend thousands on a new cons. but wont pay a few quid to maintain it.
Posted by Simon_King (Simon_King), 21 February 2004
When you say repairs do you mean to the con roof? Trouble with some is the decorative top on the roof. You could try one of those roof hooks that fit on a section of ladder and hook over the top of the roof but you have to be careful with the decorative top.
As for cleaning try getting a water fed pole. Not the pure water type but one of those that connect to the hose and tap. If the roof is opaque then you can get away with normal tap water and detergents but if its clear they can be a nightmare. If you need to clean a window above the con use an extention pole. Its a bit tricky at first but practice makes perfect and your customers will love you for it! Its true very few think about cleaning and maintainance when they build these things. How many have seen posh conservatories with pealing paintwork on the gutter and facsias above it? As for repairs if I didnt break anything I would pass on it.
Posted by paul (paul), 22 February 2004
you can actually get proper con roof ladders now but they will set you back around 450.00 Undecided
Posted by Reuben_Reynolds (Reuben_Reynolds), 28 February 2004
Contact Ultraframe who are conservatory roof manufactures, they produce a roof ladder for the trade.

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