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Using Telescopic Poles
Posted by andy_b (andy_b), 31 July 2003
Can Anyone Recommend Make/Model As I Am ThinkingOf Buying One To Hopefully Make Life Easier+Any Tips On Using.                                                                                  Thanks   Andy
Posted by gibbouk (gibbouk), 31 July 2003
how high to you want to go. its not a good idea to try and replace ladders. dont buy a cheap one from B&Q get a proper one from a proper window cleaning supplier.
i use unger i like them the blue water ones seem nice though. pole work takes a lot of pratise. use a ledger mate or simalar to reach over sills. take a look at vice versa's squeege/ aplicators
Posted by krob (krob), 20 August 2003
And don't go near electric cables... Cry

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