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advice needed cleaning Hekmonwyke(sp?) carpet
Posted by allencarpetclean (allencarpetclean), 7 January 2004
Ive been asked to clean some carpets at a rest home tomorrow the carpets are virtually new but workmen have made abit of a mess.
the carpet is called Iron Duke by Hekmonwyke(not sure of exact spelling)
Ive been informed by a carpet fitter that this carpet is suck down using a water based adhesive.
is anyone familuar with this trpe of carpeting and whats the best way to clean it.
I normally use dry fusion or hot water extraction.
Posted by paul_moss (paul_moss), 7 January 2004
Test, Test and Test
Posted by woodman (woodman), 8 January 2004
Hi Bob

A good vacuum and use your dry fusion you'll have no problems.

If you wet clean on a stick down you risk shrinkage as there is no gripper holding it in place.

I have been asked to inspect many times in situations like this.
Posted by allencarpetclean (allencarpetclean), 8 January 2004
Thanx for the replys I actually looked at the website for that type of carpet and they said i could extraction clean it.
Did job early this evening....Good Vacuum followed by extraction cleaning, carpets were vertually dry on completion no problems.

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