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More pasted us stuff

Posted by ALEXDH (ALEXDH), 16 December 2003
What do you fellas reckon to this cut from us site

service experience 2. Change the Scope of the Job 3. Offer a Free Trial 4. Let them know you accept credit cards.

4 Ways to overcome price objections:
1. Review the value or service experience

Before you quote your price, make sure that you have thoroughly covered the uniqueness of your service. Once you have developed a script that covers the values and unique benefits of doing business with your company, you can review these values with your client to insure that you have “buy in”. Ask your client “Is it important that the company you work with is…?” or… “Is it important to you that the company you choose, does…?” By reviewing the benefits and values, you may uncover hidden objections. This process reminds and refocuses clients on why they are buying your service and why you may charge more than someone else. If they say that your benefits aren’t important to them, and you do not offer what they want, then you must choose whether to give them what they want, or realize that you have attracted someone that is not your client.

For example, you sell your service based on Reputation, Experience, Education, Systems and Guarantee. The client balks at the price. You say “Mrs. Jones, is it important that the company you do business with has a great reputation?” She responds. “Is it important that the company you choose offers a money back guarantee?” If she says “yes”, then you have a chance of convincing her that to get those benefits, she may have to spend more. If she says “no”, you may have attracted someone that is not your client.
So, asking the question “Is it important to you that…” causes them to review their value system. If they answer yes to each of the questions, then talk about how each one of those values cost a great deal to maintain – that there is a reason that the other guys are cheap. If they are cheap, then they are skimping on an extremely valuable value.

2. Change the Scope of the Job

If you get a price objection, don’t be tempted to just slash the price. Instead, review the job and see if there are parts of the job that can be done at a later date. By changing the scope of the job – settling for a smaller job instead of slashing prices, you are still getting your full price. This is important for your branding and positioning and it is important to charge a profitable rate.

Say “we could forego this part this time. You need to do it, but you could wait to get this part of the job done.” Usually, when your client sees that you are willing to work with them, they will often say “Oh, just go ahead and do all of it.”

3. Offer a Free Trial

Another strategy to use when you have a price objection is to “prove” that you are better. Offer to do a sampling of the job at no charge and no obligation. Remember that the free trial offer is really “permission to market”, so put on a show!! By giving them a no-risk way to taste before buying, you have the opportunity to move them closer to the sale.

4. Let them know you accept credit cards.

Sometimes your client really wants your product, but just needs to work out their finances. Offering payment plans or accepting credit cards may give them the flexibility they are looking for.

Posted by MB (Mark Betts), 16 December 2003
I agree sell your service on reputation.

Alex u know that handful of letters we posted through the letterboxes the other week?  In the pouring rain??

Well I am going to clean at one of the houses on Saturday Grin Grin

Not bad for just handing out about 10 or 11 sales letters.

Thanks for the card



What website u getting this stuff from?


Posted by ALEXDH (ALEXDH), 16 December 2003
here is the website

All the best Alex

Posted by lenpg (lenpg), 17 December 2003
Hi Alex

I’m a member of this site but can’t download any data (not authorized) do you know what I’m doing wrong?


Posted by MB (Mark Betts), 17 December 2003
You have to submit some of your own stuff first.



Posted by lenpg (lenpg), 18 December 2003
Thanks Mark


Posted by MB (Mark Betts), 18 December 2003
No Problemo.

By the way if anyone is wondering why i am posting at 11 am when i should be working, I have the DAY OFF!!!!  hahaha  I was supposed to be going to the hospital but the appointments been changed.

Crimbo card writing time me thinks!!

Have a good one.


Posted by John_Flynn (John_Flynn), 18 December 2003
Why not be Pro-active you Marketing Maniac and get some work done from your cancellation list??

I've come in for a cup of coffee between my 2 jobs for the day!!
Posted by MB (Mark Betts), 18 December 2003

ya talkin to me?

If so re read the above post again??

the cancellation was a HOSPITAL APPOINTMENT!!!  not cancelled work.


Word of advice.

When u post can you just for once in your life make the contribution "worthwhile" instead of having a jab all the while??

Posted by John_Flynn (John_Flynn), 18 December 2003

I read your post and fully understood that you had a cancelled Hospital app', YOUR CANCELLATION list is the list of clients who want work doing before Christmas, that you call and fit in when YOU have a CANCELLATION, ie Hospital app' this morning, if only you had put your brain into gear you could have been out earning!!
Posted by Ian_G. (Ian_G.), 18 December 2003
or you could be putting more letters through letter

I have just had cornish pastie befor going to next jobs

Happy Christmas

Ian Gourlay
Posted by Ian_G. (Ian_G.), 18 December 2003
Alex DH

Although you have Mark as your excellent Guru, buy a book on sales.

Close that Sale Richard Deny,
Who Dares Wins,
How to Master the Art of Selling Tom Hopkins
Power Selling
Michel Friedman and Jeffery Weiss

How to Out Sell out market out promote
out advertise every one else you compete against
Paul Gorman

Guerrilla Marketing for the Home Based Business
Jay Levinson and Seth Godin

Motovational Books

Going It Alone

Geoff Burch

7 Habits of Highly  EFFECTIVE PEOPLE

How to win Friends and influence people

The power of positive thinking


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