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graffiti removal

Posted by ccs (ccs), 27 August 2003
can anyone tell me a good product which would completely remove old graffiti from a soft brick on a sports centre, The manager has tried some graffiti removal products but none have worked so any sugestions would be appreciated.
Posted by Northerclean (Northerclean), 28 August 2003
Always be very careful when getting involved with graffiti removal, you can use chemicals, however, should you damage the wall or anything surrounding it you may find yourself with a bill and not an invoice.

I'd recommend using a professional (

Posted by kemp (kemp), 3 September 2003
I know of a company who specialise in just this sort of product.  As far as I am aware they sell to lots of councils around the country who have a graffiti problem.  They even sell stuff that you can paint on your walls and if someone comes along with a spray can it just falls off!  If you are interested in getting in touch with them let me know.  I don't know their direct email but I can put you in touch with someone who does!  Hope this helps.
Posted by ccs (ccs), 3 September 2003
Thank you for your responce, I would be gratefull if you could inform me of the company name & number/e-mail for a chat thanks again Smiley
Posted by shinnyshinner (shinnyshinner), 4 September 2003
Hi kemp could you please pass this supplier details on to me too at many thanks

Posted by catrodney (catrodney), 6 September 2003
:Hi i have used products by a company in Godalming Surrey called Watco who certainly know everything about industrial paints and spray paint removal.They will only supply to trade though! Cheesy
Posted by Anj (Anj), 29 October 2003

hi kemp  can you send me that email address too  

Posted by petra (petra), 29 October 2003
Hi kemp I would like the company details too pleeaasee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by DP (DP), 29 October 2003
If we are talking sacrificial coatings and general graffiti supplies then there are lots of companies out there. I use Tensid uk plc at :

They are very helpful and retain a list of area contractors or will supply you with the chemicals and good advice.

However I repeat, there are loads.


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