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pvc frames

Posted by nr_neil (nr_neil), 24 January 2004
Recntly been called to a house that was built 1 year ago..The protective strips were still on the frames and seem to have bonded with the frames.Tried many chemicals aswell as a specialist product called cosmofen 20. Have these frames been left too long or is there a product to solve the problem.I would be very grateful to find a soloution.The frames were made by REHAU if this helps
Posted by WavieDavie (WavieDavie), 24 January 2004
Good old Google does it again . . .
and click on the very top link.
You then get through to  and they're based in Barnsley - even gives you the address and phone number - give them a call and ask them what they recommend!

All the best.
Posted by nr_neil (nr_neil), 26 January 2004
cheers wavie davie will look at that tonight
Posted by mickeyfat (mickeyfat), 29 January 2004
and did anyone get an answer ..i have alot like this on my round and would take it of for free if i had bugs me

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