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Urine smell on patio.

Posted by As-New_Cleaning (As-New_Cleaning), 8 March 2004

I got a call today from a lady who's dog has constantly urinated on her patio and although she scrubs it down with bleach etc she cant get rid of the smell.

Any suggestions as to what chemicals I should use ?

Thanks in advance

Posted by BeeClean (BeeClean), 8 March 2004
have you tried prochems urine neutraliserHuh id also try flooding the area with boiling water to dissolve the uric crystals. its not quite so bad being outside but its a pig of a job trying to get rid of the smell from any porous surface Angry
Posted by Les (Les), 9 March 2004
Hi Darren
You can also try giving a Co. called Oiltechnics a call 01785 222970 speak to a Jill Maltby (V. helpful) They supply Biological Cleaning products for just about every problem you can have. Jill will tell you if they have what you need.
Les Wink
Posted by Anj (Anj), 11 March 2004

Premiere Products have a chemical DT10 used in conduction with urine problems aslo they do a  Bio-Hazard kit called BIO-MAN 999 this can be used with a spray, called Spray Must this breaks down the odour and leaves a "Baby Talk"smell  Smiley

  George Mathews   Premiere Products 01355 903979
Posted by As-New_Cleaning (As-New_Cleaning), 11 March 2004
Thanks all for your helpful replys.

I have been away for a couple of days and now I'm back I'm on the case of the smelly patio!

Thanks again.


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