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Falling Ladders

Posted by Bones (Bones), 7 November 2003
Hi guy's, Just wondered if you guy's use to stop your ladders falling when you leave your ladders resting on and extention for example to clean a window?
An old guy stopped me today and told me many moons ago when he was cleaning he got a jump lead, put it round the rung of the ladder and put a rag on the gutter and clipped it on, good idea i thought.

It's only happened to me once so far, felt a rite plonka, no one see it as the customers were in the front garden and i had the gut's to jump.

Posted by Bryan_Dolby (Bryan_Dolby), 8 November 2003
I use a microlight top stablizer it rests on the roof
Never moved yet Grin
There in the fed video and price list  Cool
not cheap Roll Eyes
Posted by bm012e7270 (bm012e7270), 8 November 2003
Grin i use laddermate to stop the ladders from movering
Posted by Paulcoz33 (Paulcoz33), 13 December 2003
A short while ago my ladder slipped with me on it, it only moved about 18inches and luckily their was a wall that stopped it.However i feel between the runs smacking both my legs,Jesus wet i thought i had broken them first.So i now have the articalted feet on the bottom and i use a stand off at the top.I feel so safe these days but it gets heavy.
Posted by scwindowcleaning (steveC), 13 December 2003
What are articulated feet? Do you have them attached all the time? How much do they cost?

I've seen a mention of spikes. What are these like, do you have them attached all the time?

Ladder mats look good in theory, but it'd be another peice of equipment to be carrying about and it would take that little bit longer to set your ladder up everytime.

I might have some gutter cleaning. All I have at the minute is a double 12ft A-frame. Will I be better off using a stand off? Will they fit my A-frame or should I buy a standard double 12ft ladder? Are there different types of stand offs?

How does a microlight top stabilizer work?

Whats a laddermate?

Posted by Paulcoz33 (Paulcoz33), 13 December 2003
Articulated feet are long feet that screw into the side of your ladder, Once your up their you feel so safe they cost in the UK about 15 well worth the money. As i nearly found out when the ladder slipped away. Use a stand off they are superb for gutter jobs and i think you will need a normal ladder. The articulated feet are their permanent and a must in my opinion.

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