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Rubber on Concrete

Posted by Keith_Lalanne (Keith_Lalanne), 31 March 2004
Has anyone a product that, in conjunction with a scrubber/drier, will take fork-truck rubber off smooth concrete and resin floors. A pre-spray would be OK, as long as it didn't destroy the squeegee blades on recovery.

Posted by tech-clean (tech-clean), 31 March 2004
Hiya Keith
What size area are you talking about approx and what type of building is it? ie: storage depot, food etc.
Because this would restrict the type of chemical being used.
Also will the building be occupied.
Tech-Clean Supplies Ltd Roll Eyes
Posted by Keith_Lalanne (Keith_Lalanne), 31 March 2004
Thanks for taking an interest Jan,

Warehouse flooring, racked out, around 5000 m2, with two part resin mix flooring in grey covering around 100m2. No restrictions on what can be used with the proviso that it does not damage the floor.

Posted by (, 31 March 2004
For a product that really works  go to

If you need further advise regarding this speak to darren sharpe there as we were speaking about this very thing only a few days ago, you will find him very professional and well informed

Posted by Keith_Lalanne (Keith_Lalanne), 31 March 2004
SmileyThanks Julian

I'll give him a try


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