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Pure water system

Posted by Central (Central), 19 November 2003
Does anyone use those pure water system for domestic customers to get more done in a day and save ladder work, how do you get on? and how many properties do you do in an hour with it?
Posted by elfords (elfords), 20 November 2003
Yes we only use pole systems now, we don`t have so much residential as we used to because theres more money and less hassle in commercial work, however we do use the system on what residential we do have and I would say on the larger houses it is up to twice as a quick but on a standard house it is about the same as doing it conventionally, but of course it is much safer without the wear on your knees! We would never go back to ladder work full stop.

Hope that helps
Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 20 November 2003
Hi Gary,
          What system do you use Huh

Posted by elfords (elfords), 20 November 2003
I designed and built it myself having been disappointed with the customer service vibes I was getting from the suppliers that were available at that time which was around three years ago. I was also reluctant to be be-holding to one supplier as of course your business relies on there back-up with this type of system, and now I am in a position where I have many suppliers to call upon for many parts that make up our system.

Having said all that I dare say things have improved since this time as they have had to due to market forces brought about by the more varied competition out there now, but I can honestly say that I am glad I went down the route I did as I feel I am now in a much stronger position following the initial steep learning curve and we have a comprehensive set up at a considerably cheaper cost.
Posted by The_Fed_Man (The_Fed_Man), 20 November 2003

Where do you buy your resin?
Posted by elfords (elfords), 20 November 2003
If you know Andrews Water Treatment this is where we have bought it from in the past also as I am sure Andrew will tell you we first introduced them to the concept of cleaning windows with pure water as he had not heard of the idea before and he helped us set up our static purification system, so if you do get to speak to him I reckon he owes me a few beers as he seems to have gone into it in a big way since then. We would also personally recommend Andrews as a first class choice in this field, he has a good old fashioned approach to customer service and is very helpful and informative, and in case your wondering we have no tie in with him except as I said above I reckon he owes me!!   Grin
Posted by bengiles (bengiles), 10 December 2003
hi all you people who are in a right pickle about pole systems!!

calm down, pure water systems are easy to make, easy to use and can be really cheap.  i know, i use and make pole systems.  i am a window cleaner like you and was ripped off once, but never again!!!  

If you want a cheap system, how does this sound.................

1 x 460 litre baffled  tank
1 x de-ioniser vessell
3 x bags of de-ioniser resin
1 x tds (total dissolved solids) monitor
1 x 60 psi 12v shurflo pump
1 x 8 foot pole
1 x 18 foot pole
1 x 30 foot pole
1 x 40 foot pole
only 1300 + vat !!!!!!
you buy the hose, the reels and all the hose lock fittings.  i will talk you through it all, you can even get your own tank and baffle it yourself!!  

it is simple, dont get sucked in!!

resin availble aswell

call me at Ultima Cleaning Ltd 01239 621821 or on my mobile 07970 918641

Ben Giles

Posted by Pure_2o (Pure_2o), 10 December 2003
I'll supply you with a crash tested system, plus i'll beat anybodies price on a like for like system, saving you money just in time for christmas !!!
Posted by pdhanson (Silly Philly), 10 December 2003

Your systen does not include a Reverse Osmosis unit.

Wont that make the resin wear out quickly?
(Especially in a hard water area)

Posted by pure_genius (pure_genius), 10 December 2003
I thought i would look into making these pure water systems and start marketing them as a low cost alternative to the main players. I spoke to a friend who was a lawyer about my idea and soon learnt that to make something to use for yourself is ok as an owner user, but you are liable to all sorts of things if you supply equipment and things go wrong.

I had a demonstration from OTT The Reach & Wash System they showed me the crash testing they had undertaken, i didnt think much about it until i saw they had crash tested a competitors system where the tank had let loose. The results were horrific i dont know which system it was they didnt tell me. It put me off building my own system and i wouldnt want to be sued by a grieving family to make a quick buck by making them to sell.

I still have not taken the plunge and got a full system yet.
I see that there are two crash tested systems on the market has anyone seen the pure 20 system, looks ok on there web site.
pure 20 claim they can beat any price with a crash tested system it sounds to good to be true.   Shocked  

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