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Ink Stains on Wool Carpet

Posted by Les (Les), 12 February 2004
Hi all,
Got a  phonecall this morning from a lady saying her beloved son had broken the end off his Ink pen, yesterday afternoon  Cry and sprayed the contents over her 'off white' wool carpet.
She'd had a quick go with the old 1001, DOH ! with not much success, (there's a surprise) Undecided
I went over today and sprayed some Solu... Lips Sealed Microsplitting product on a test area. It did start to shift it but it also started to bleed the ink.
The big problem is that there must be 80-100 spots of ink over a 3 metre radius, (and up the wall) Cry Cry
I said I wasn't hopeful of a satisfactory outcome and would retire to ask for your much appreciated , professional advice.
I sort of think she might be better off going through her house insurance. The carpet is also approx 15 years old and has other various stains on it.
Wot do you think ?
Les Wink
Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 12 February 2004
Hi Les

'IF' the ladies Insurance policy covers accidental damage then she may stand a chance.

The bad news is that unless she has a 'new for old' policy the write down for wear and tear will mean that she will get very little if anything at all.

I always understood that the underwriters write off carpets over a ten year period.

Posted by Les (Les), 13 February 2004
Thanks Derek,
This is where she finds out the 'small print' on her Policy.
I have suggested having another go at the carpet on wednesday afternoon of next week which will be my earliest opportunity.
I thought to try one more test area, (any good products anyone  has used )??
If no success I will provide a report for the Insurers.

What charge would you folks make for providing a Test & Report where you believe an Insurance Claim is required ?
Posted by Jim_Lynch (Jim_Lynch), 13 February 2004
Les, if you think the removal will be unsuccesful, consider cutting out the affected area, and patching with carpet from a robe or other area. May be cheaper for the owner.

Posted by Les (Les), 13 February 2004
Good idea Jim,
However the stain has 'Splattered' over a large area  Cry
I suppose I asked the group for ideas just in case I was missing something really obvious or someone new of a product they'd used with good success.
I've seen some excellent posts previously offering simple solutions to what appeared awkward problems.
Les Wink
Posted by Jim_Lynch (Jim_Lynch), 13 February 2004
Sounds like a rug is in order then, Les Grin

It's going to be uneconomical to try and remove each spot, bearing in mind the age of the carpet.
I would take a photo of the area, quote an hourly rate in your report and estimate ? hours of work time. Qualify that by saying in your opinion, it is unlikely that all spots can be removed, and you would recommend replacement.
No doubt Insurers will offer a cash settlement, so your customer can buy that rug  Grin


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