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Posted by MB (Mark Betts), 30 March 2004
Mr Flynn

Tell me have i ever done anyhting to annoy or upset you?

Because every post i make you seem to great joy in taking the pis s!!!!!

I cannot for the life of me recall doing anyhting wrong to you.

I always help people on the board with things if they want it but you are taking the biscuit.

I could have sent you this via a private message but what the heck!!!

Basically wind ya fri ggin neck in and get a life!!!!!


PS Mr admiistrator sir, apologies but he is p issing me off
Posted by John_Flynn (John_Flynn), 30 March 2004
Mr Betts

Yes you have upset and annoyed me!!

Some time ago I left you  telephone messages and emails that you never answered regarding some equipment you had for sale.


John Flynn
Posted by mike_halliday (mike_halliday), 30 March 2004
Mark, Im glad hes giving you some stick,  it means hes leaving me alone Grin

Posted by Ian_G. (Ian_Gourlay), 30 March 2004
I have always thought it was Johns sense of humour,but perhaps its best to stay out of this one
Posted by John_Flynn (John_Flynn), 30 March 2004
I can see that your a man after my own heart Ian, now you have gained my respect.

Got dried out from your Jollies yet Mike??
Posted by Ian_G. (Ian_Gourlay), 30 March 2004
Hey John, been trying to do that for two years.
Posted by John_Flynn (John_Flynn), 30 March 2004
Suprising how time flys, I only been on this site for 12 months Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
Posted by Ian_G. (Ian_Gourlay), 30 March 2004
But you have been on other sites,
Posted by John_Flynn (John_Flynn), 30 March 2004
Am I been bugged??
Posted by lenpg (Len Gribble), 30 March 2004
Come on Lads its time to KISS and make up (Len with his hand on hip any one going to Watford you will soon recognise me Ill be the one skipping down the car park with hand on hip)


Posted by Northerclean (Alex), 30 March 2004
STOP being tarts!!! You've both spoken out about you problems so kiss and make up. Kiss
Posted by pre-vac_Nick (HolmansUKLTD), 30 March 2004
Is there gonna be a big fight tomorrow??

If there is then im cancelling my jobs and coming to watford!!

I love seeing grown men fighting with there 12inch wands!!!

Posted by John_Flynn (John_Flynn), 30 March 2004
But, but, but I only got a Handtool Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed
Posted by Shaun_Ashmore (Shaun_Ashmore), 30 March 2004
hose bags at 20 paces,

I think it's the 'I'm not gay or owt' ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha  ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

that pis ses everyone off


Posted by ALEXDH (ALEXDH), 30 March 2004
We all know that we are all lovely people, all carpet cleaners are smashing. Never met a bad one yet.

"So may I be courteous to men, faithful to friends,
True to my God, a fragrance in the path I trod."
- Mark Twain's Autobiography

We are all one big happy rug sucking family , unless you are splash and dash then ill come round and step on yer neck  Roll Eyes Roll Eyes

Posted by ALEXDH (ALEXDH), 30 March 2004
I am shocked at the tone this site has taken whilst i have been away.

I feel i must educate you gentleman on acceptable behaviour.

A gentleman should be able to talk on a variety of subjects, although he should never use vulgarisms in speech. Simplicity and terseness are the characteristics of a highly-cultivated person. A gentleman should also be a good listener, even if the talker is prolific. A gentleman conceals his dislikes and disgusts.

Compliments are encouraged, but only if they are sincere. Flattery should be avoided at all costs. Slang is considered vulgar, and should never be used. Scandal is the least excusable of all conversational vulgarities. Interruption of speech is also a sin against good breeding. To show interest in the concerns of others is very complimentary, and should be practiced in conversation. Finally, a gentleman never mentions private matters in public or mixed assembly.

Now lets all behave on here
Posted by Shaun_Ashmore (Shaun_Ashmore), 30 March 2004
Alex where did you get that load of bollox from?

You've been away too long must have got the Malasian Flu!

Posted by John_Flynn (John_Flynn), 30 March 2004
What time are we setting off to the Ok Coral in the morning Mr Ashmore, will you please be the safe keeper of my Handtool?? Cool Cool Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Cool Cool
Posted by MB (Mark Betts), 30 March 2004
Blimey I have opened a can of worms havent I.

Well John me ol fruit, That is not entirely true as you know, Yes you did leave a message on my ansofone and when I had the time I E MAILED YOU BACK AND INFORM YOU THAT THE MACHINE HAD ALREADY BEEN SOLD !!!!! and you replied thanking me for letting you know!!!!!!  

What are u like!!

You are like a little sulking kid, because I sold the equipment to someone else who I might add had first refusal and more importantly , at the time was just starting up and his need was greater than yours.


Now go sulk in the corner

Posted by John_Flynn (John_Flynn), 30 March 2004
It's a wind up Mr Betts and you've taken the bait.


Mr Flynn
Posted by Dynafoam (Dynafoam), 30 March 2004

So Ian was right ! - I also had thought it was your sense of humour but as the evening drew on, I was begining to doubt it.

Can I take it that we return to being a league of gentlemen? We southern softies stress out very easily and I've run out of happy pills  Wink


Posted by MB (Mark Betts), 30 March 2004
Dont think so Mr Flynn,

You have exposed yourself as not telling the whole truth,

Now tell the board what really happened or shall I tell them?

No I will, hahah

You did phone and leave a message of my ansafone but as I was driving at the time it could not be answered, then it slipped my mind as i was WORKING!!!! So at the end of the day I emailed you to say the machine had been sold, correct?

And before you come back with a smartass comment about what if it was a customer , well if it was a customer who has left a message I would have called them straight back, even would have pulled over and answered the phone, but as it was not a local code you were obviuosly not a customer.

And do you not agree you e aailed me back thanking for letting you know?

Anyway, dont know why you keep on at these vindictive posts whether it is your "sense of humour" or not .

And no its not just me who has noticed them 2 people from this board have commented on it way before today.


PS I bet my handbag is bigger than yours   Grin Grin
Posted by John_Flynn (John_Flynn), 30 March 2004
Ah well such is life.

My appoligies to you Mr Betts, now stop been a wuss and have a laugh, you usually do.


i better keep off the whisky, hick.
Posted by MB (Mark Betts), 30 March 2004
Thank you

Mines a Jd


Posted by John_Flynn (John_Flynn), 30 March 2004
Nearly did it again, but this  time I keep my thoughts to myself.

May God Bless you and yours Mark.
Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 31 March 2004
Hi Guys

As one of the site moderators I am afraid I came in a bit late on this one...all the action is about over it seems.

Unless I am over-ruled I will leave the posts as they are..

I just love a happy ending....sob, sob, gulp Wink Smiley


ps.. the reason I am posting at this ridiculous hour (even for me) is I shall be off to Watford pretty soon.. I hear of a snazzy Little Chef just off junction 5 of the M1


pps...the clock is wrong it is only 4.38am
Posted by Novice (Ian Gale), 31 March 2004
Derek I am impressed I thought I would be the only one daft so and so being up at this time of the day Shocked)
Posted by nick.solution (nick.solution), 31 March 2004
Hi Guys

I feel a nomination for post of the month coming up !!

Ha ha


Best regards Nick

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