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how to write tenders/contracts

Posted by PPThomas (PPThomas), 8 March 2004
I started domestic cleaning a few months ago.  I am about to start touting for commercial contracts, and would like to know how to:-

    Write Tenders
    Draw up Contracts (what sould be included by law)
    Health and Saftey

I want to make my proposals look professional, however I want them to be simple and easy to understand.

I am quite new to this industry so all advice on all things concernong cleaning would be very much welcomed.

thank you,


Posted by guru (guru), 9 March 2004
Smiley You should put in a risk assesment + H & S in the quotation, details about your company, list of clients when you have some, spec page and price page. The price page should mention TUPE to protect yourself and length of time you want to hold the price. Also T & C and most importantly an acceptance form.  Good luck  Guru

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