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Loft Clean, (Pigeons)

Posted by martin_606 (martin_606), 8 January 2004
Hi Guys

Need to pick your brains on this one.

Going to see and quote a job on saturday for a loft, not converted which has had a pigeon loose in there.

Of course there are probably loads of them up there and i just feel it's going to be a mess.

have any of you done anything like this?
how did it go?
what did you use?
price thoughts?

Thanks for any help


Martin Cool
Posted by petra (petra), 9 January 2004
Yes did three floor of offices that has these pest living in them.
First and formost You must wear a mask when inspection loft, due to diseases ect. and you mustmake sure it is sufficent for this.
Assuming that there are wooden beams and that, these will have to be sprayed with a suitable disinfectant before any cleaning can commence. When udertaking the cleaning you will have to wear disposable overalls, gloves and mask. Any contamineted wasted has to be double bagged and labled pidgeon waste and disposed of as per your local authority's instructions.
The biggesti ssue is H&S
Posted by wreelyclean_servic (Wreelyclean Services), 9 January 2004
Grin...I used to be a manager at Rentokil Pest Control so here goes.....Ventilate as much as poss....Cover yourself as much as poss....Scrape biggest deposits first....If you wet it first it is a bugger to shift...Any residue, you can mop away.....It is then up to the client as to which insecticide to use as pigeons are notorious for fleas and ticks...You need to be qualified to spray insecticide around and certificated for that matter....I would clean and leave the insecticide to someone else...Maybe you could sub it out and get a back hander from the pest controller for introducing the job...By the way birds are creatures of habit and they will try and get back in....BLOCK THE HOLES....or don`t and you may get the job again.... Grin Grin

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