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office cleaning price?

Posted by sean_symons (sean_symons), 8 October 2003
hello everybody, i have just put in a quote for cleaning a rather large office. it has a first and second floor and i will be supplying cleaning materials, all floors have to be hoovered and basically, everything you see has to be cleaned e.g. toilet rolls changed daily, soap changed etc,
this should take 2 hours every night six days a week, i have put in a quote for 188 per week does this sound to much, or not enough Huh thanks.

Posted by petra (petra), 8 October 2003
r u suppling soap, tiolet roll, bin liners etc ?
Posted by steve_massey (steve_massey), 9 October 2003
what we normaly do is supply the labour and the cleaning chemicals, so that we know how much we are going to use. And then the soap, toilet rolles we supply  on a seprate invoice so that if they all have the runns! Or people decide to help them selves to toilet rolls we dont loose out. We charge 14.50 per hour per person
Posted by petra (petra), 9 October 2003
That sound good to me, at the moment I use a spreadsheet to work out prices for commercial, but all going well we will be using a computerized system soon.

Posted by petra (petra), 9 October 2003
What area r u in. They are well tight in Kent.

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